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Now we’re getting to the fun part!

Throughout my pregnancy so far I have found myself feeling guilty because I’m not “glowy” or feeling fantastic. People talk about how wonderful they feel and honestly I just haven’t. The first trimester I lost 14 lbs because of sickness, not to mention our lovely trip to the ER. It just wasn’t a great experience for the first trimester. Up until two weeks ago I was still getting sick at least twice a week so I still hadn’t felt as glorious as everyone else says they feel. 

BUT!!!!!!!! Now I am feeling FANTASTIC. Sure, I still have my moments of nausea/sickness and my back is starting to give me fits, but I am really feeling great as a whole. 

Why the change?!

First of all, we know we are having a tiny sweet girl in a few short months. We can buy and plan and decorate the room. This has been so much fun for us. Even Andy is into the shopping- every other day I’m getting emails from him showing me cute things to buy her. We’ve also begun to stock up on books for us her. Andy and I have selfishly been getting some of our old favorites off amazon – ex. we bought a couple of “collections”: Dr. Seuss, Little Bear, and Little Critter. We are really excited about getting them all in! 

Even more fun than that though is Andy is FINALLY feeling the kicks. Granted, he could have felt them several weeks ago if he had the patience… I would call him over and he’d put his hand on my stomach for a total of three seconds and say, “She doesn’t like me,” or something to that affect and walk away- HA! So finally they are strong enough there is no mistaking it. And tonight, the most fun thing of all as far as the kicking goes happened. When my sister, Telena, was pregnant with my sweet niece Jacy over ten years ago (ahhhh how can it be?!), she would put a remote on her stomach and we would all sit around and watch for her to kick it. I can still remember how fun that was for me as a first time aunt then. Well tonight I put my cell phone on my stomach and BAM!! it knocked right off. I then put it back on to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and little sweet ninja Rory kicked at it for 30 minutes. Andy and I just watched in anticipation the whole time. 

I’m starting to forget (or at least its getting hazy) all those terrible days of sickness now. We’re having a precious little girl who is obviously VERY active. I just can’t wait to see her and love on her!

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