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no sleep and Rory-isms

I just wrote an entire blog post about how tired I was and everything going on in our life revolves around how we don’t get any sleep and etc. It was long and filled with a lot of “I’m exhausted” phrases.

But Rory came in when I went to go get Ryder after she woke up and deleted it.

And I’m too tired to rewrite it.

We’re working on it and one day, hopefully sooner than later, the child will sleep.

I sincerely apologize for all the posts on our sleep issues and going on and on and on about how tired I am.

But, thats my life right now and its consuming me.

So, to change the subject, let’s do some Rory-isms.

1) Me to Andy: This is my car so you can’t do that in here.

(I won’t tell you what he did to save him the embarrassment.)

Rory from backseat: Mommy! Ew share car with daddy!


2) In the middle of Walmart-

Rory: Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY!

Me: Yessssssss, baby? (impatient tone…)

Rory: Ew hear dat?!

Me: What is it?


I’m paying for all the embarrassment I caused my parents.

3) Rory: Mommy! Toooo heavy! Too heavy!

Me getting ready to leave the house: What’s too heavy?

Rory and Ryder: *gigglegigglegigglegiggle*

I walk in and Ryder is missing from where I left her in the living room.

Rory: Mommy! Mommy! Wook! Ryder came to play!

So, in other words, Ryder was heavy when she carried her into her playroom.

4) Rory: Mommy! Mommy! Wook! Wook! (look) What’s dat?!

(she’s holding out a giant booger)

Me: THAT stays in your nose.

Next day- Rory: Wook Mommy! Dat stay in nose!

(holding another giant booger… that she thinks is called ‘that stays in your nose’)


These kids of mine are crazy, but I love ’em!

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1 thought on “no sleep and Rory-isms

  1. They are both getting to be such big girls! And I so love that she says things to embarrass you. Being a Grandmother is so wonderful!!! HAHA Love you.

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