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Nine Months Old! (and other surprise traditions)

Time is really starting to fly- I’m NINE months old today!

This has been the best month for me yet! I am happy and playful ALL the time! I always have a huge smile on my face!

Daddy and Mommy call me “the flirt” because I love to smile a flirty smile at everyone I see. I also love to do my flirty smile right before I do something mean like pull hair or pinch you!

I’ve gotten to be quite the stinker myself these days, but I learn from the best- my sister Rory! Mommy and Daddy are going to have their hands full with us two!

I started going to Mother’s Day Out this month and I am LOVING it. Everyone was so worried about how I’d do away from my Mommy since I used to be so attached to her, but I’m doing awesome! Mrs. Nora even said I was the best baby in the room! I love my teachers Mrs. Anna and Mrs. Nora- they are the sweetest ladies in the world!

Going to MDO has helped me so much too. I’m no longer fussy and clingy during the days. I’ve also finally gotten more interested in moving. I’m nowhere near crawling yet, but I’ve been getting on my tummy more and more! And I’m starting to love jumping in my excersaucer! I think its so fun to jump- I just laugh and laugh the whole time!

The other big thing I’m doing this month is eating so much better! I’ve been eating my bottles pretty good and will even hold the bottle all by myself. Mommy loves that I can feed myself so she can do other things if she needs to during my feeding time. I’m also loving table food! I eat lots of soft solids- broccoli, carrots, peas, green beans, puffs, etc. My absolute favorite food is broccoli though!

Here’s my stats for this month:

– I weigh about 15 lbs! I’ve been fluctuating between 14 and 15 lately.

– I am in 3-6 month clothes! Mommy (and especially Daddy!) is so happy because I’m the size Rory was her first summer so I get to wear all her summer clothes!

– I wear size 3 diaper.

– I hate anything on my feet just like my sister!

– Taking 5 oz bottles.

– SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Mommy is scared to even say that because she doesn’t want to jinx it but I’ve been sleeping 7pm-7am pretty consistently for about a month. Now if only I could teach Rory to sleep through the night so she wouldn’t wake me up sometimes!

– I say “dada” and “nonononono” all day long. I’m also saying what the parents think is “dog” and I’ve been saying “mama” sometimes too.

Only three more months until I’m ONE year old! Can you believe it?! See y’all next month!


Tiffany here.

On Rory’s nine month birthday I took a pregnancy test that was positive.

In keeping with tradition I decided to take one today just for kicks and grins.

PS: My plan backfired.

PPS: Andy literally had a heart attack. He was telling me he was getting me fixed IMMEDIATELY.

PPPS: I thought he was going to hit me in the face when I said “April fool’s”!

PPPPS: I got you too, didn’t I?

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