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night, night.

Since being in our new home, I’ve tried my hardest to establish a new, better bedtime routine and night time regimen. So far, it is working out so well. In fact, and of course I know I’m totally jinxing it now, Rory has slept in her own bed every single night since we’ve been here.

Y’all have NO IDEA how huge this is. She hasn’t slept in her bed all night since well before Ryder was born. We got her a new bed that is a full size and she is LOVING IT. Today after we got home from school, I went into her room and she was snuggled in her bed with some toys and said, “Get out, Mom! I’m restin’!”. Again. HUGE.

Ryder has turned out to be the most amazing sleeper ever. The first night back in her crib (after not sleeping well the entire time at my parents’ house) she slept 7p-7a. There have only been two nights in two weeks that she has woken up.

On top of great nights, I have somehow (again totally jinxing it now…) managed to get them on a wonderful day schedule. Ryder is taking two good naps instead of cat-napping. And everyday we have been in this house they have napped simultaneously for 2+ hours. SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Thank you, Jesus!

I snapped some pictures tonight of us getting ready for bed. I know I’m biased, but dang, my kids are so cute. HA!

Back in the day, bath time was one of my favorite things to do with Rory. Now I have a heifer child named Ryder that I basically have to wrestle the entire time because she is tackling Rory, trying to drown herself or Rory, standing up, climbing, etc etc etc. It is insane. Rory has started trying to tell her to sit and make her sit down as well. It is really hilarious… last night she even attempted to spank her when she was standing up…. and Ryder thought it was HILARIOUS.

Rory is obsessed with brushing her teeth. I mean, OBSESSED. I got her and Ryder new toothbrushes since Ryder has six teeth now. They had the best time brushing their teeth together.

I attempted getting some cute pictures of them in their matching PJs. Rory gave Ryder a pep talk and then she decided to cooperate.


Tonight Ryder decided to stand all alone several times and I caught it on camera!

Before bed there is always, always, a lot of wrestling and hugging and kissing.

And at some point Ryder declares, “Ni-Ni!”, with a little hand wave and it is off to bed!

The thing I like the most, hands down, about our rental is the split bedroom plan. Andy and I can now come down to our room and watch TV as loud as we want and I can clean during naptime or watch TV. It is wonderful to not have to worry about waking them up finally!

Hope y’all had a great day!

Tomorrow is a huge day for us. Ryder has her first pediatrician appointment in Jackson and I’m praying with everything in me that we love the doctor and feel at peace. I had such a terrible, awful experience with doctors in Paris and really want this to be a great appointment. Say a prayer for us if you think about it!

Night, night!

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  1. Sooo glad girls are sleeping well and you all are getting in routine in your new home. Saying a prayer for great dr. appt. The girls are just so cute together!

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