Family, Home Sweet Home


There is just something about ‘newness’ to me.

A new baby.

(and meeting the new nephew and cousin for the first time)

A new brotherly bond and love.

A new son.

A new ‘normal’ to a family.


Again, there is just something to me about all things new that I crave.

Which brings me to our new adventure…

Welcome to our new home.

We are officially under contract!

We are officially crazy for moving AGAIN!

We are officially EXCITED!

So the whole ‘to be continued’ thing from the other day was this:

We found a house in SE Oklahoma only ELEVEN MINUTES (vs. the hour he now drives) to Andy’s work!

That means I will have my sweet husband with me for at least 2 extra hours per day- and sometimes he will be able to come home for lunch!

I am so blessed and so thankful for this new adventure.

Now everyone say a prayer that our house rents quickly and that I don’t lose my mind in the process of moving again!

14th time is a charm, right?!




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7 thoughts on “new

  1. Margo was 9 months pregnant when they moved into their first house in Mary Esther and 6 months when they moved to Shalimar. So we are a a family of nomads I guess. I am so happy for you. I know you will miss being so close to WalMart like I do but you will love being in the country AND being so close to Andy’s work. Is there a town closer by than the hour to Paris? Can’t wait to see it.

  2. What an adorable new nephew. I love seeing Rory kissing on him. She is going to be a great Big Sister soon. I am happy that ya’ll found a house closer. I will start praying now that you house rents or maybe even sales soon. Miss you & love you bunches.

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