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New York!

Andy and I had the most wonderful trip to NYC last week! I am just so so thankful that we were able to get away and have some time to ourselves for a couple of days. For almost six years we were “just us” and we loved every second of it. We would go anywhere at the drop of a hat and we would go out to eat whenever we felt the need with no planning involved. Its only been a year with Rory in our lives, but it is SO easy to forget that FIRST we were a couple and a family together. I think that its so important to get time alone just to remind ourselves of that and to really enjoy eachother without distractions. Because, lets face it, one day it’ll be “just us” again and I want to still know my husband and want to long for the empty nest instead of dread it.

Rory had a blast at my parents’ house for the week. I am so thankful for them caring for her while we were gone and that she was spoiled rotten the whole time! I wanted to go on the trip so bad, but it was a whole lot harder to leave her than I ever thought. I cried the first two days at least once… well got teary eyed and just wanted to pack up and head home for a brief second instead. I missed the little stinker so bad I almost couldn’t stand it!

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had an amazing time. We ate, we walked, we ate, we walked, we ate, we saw, we ate, we walked, we ate, we ate, we ate, we ate, we ate…. get the picture????? That was what I was most looking forward to- EATING! With Rory at this busy bee stage its almost impossible to go out to eat and not be pulling our hair out and wanting to cry by the end of the meal. So that was the best part of the trip to me- eating in peace and without having to cut up food for a tiny person yelling at me! 🙂

We spent a lot of time in Central Park on Monday. It was gorgeous with all the snow left from the previous week and the weather was so nice. Andy geocached while I took about 500 pictures. ha!

We also got to go see a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman! It was so fun!

On Tuesday we went downtown and stayed pretty much the entire day there. We walked to the seaport and piers, got tickets to Broadway at the TKTS booth, went to Century 21 (favorite place ever), saw the WTC site and St. Paul’s chapel, walked up to China town, and finished the day eating THE BEST PIZZA EVER at Lombardi’s in Little Italy.

On Tuesday night we went to see the play, Lombardi. It was so good- I would definitely suggest anyone to see it. I, personally, am a fan of musicals but wanted Andy to enjoy it too. I’m so glad we chose that play to see!

Then on Wednesday our friends Kristen and Lloyd came to see us! They live in PA, so its much closer than where we are now so we thought we’d meet up! It was such a fun day getting to catch up and see them! We were great friends in Starkville back in our poor college days together, ha! We went to eat at The Stand, went on a harbor cruise, went to Eataly, and finished the day eating at an amazing restaurant with Top Chef Marc Forgione. CLICK HERE to see a bunch of pics Kristen took of the food and fun we had that day!

(I had to document that Andy ate an oyster. I mean… he’s REALLY picky- but he went all out on this trip and tried so many things!)

On Friday morning we slept in until about 10 (blissful) and then went to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. After that we headed to the airport and we were so ready to get back to our baby girl!

I’ll say it one more time- we had an amazing time. I am so thankful we got to go and spend time together. We really needed it!

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5 thoughts on “New York!

  1. Makes me want to go!! Wouldn’t it be fun if the three sisters went and the litttle three sisters, Margo and Beth. We would have a blast!!! Never forget that you and Andy deserve time alone. Beth and Brad just got back from a cruise. Love you!!

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