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new toy for… Rory? Jackson?

My little stinker is getting too big too fast. When we’re holding her all she wants to do is stand and jump, jump, jump! So we bought her an exersaucer to play in.

But. I’m not sure which of my kids liked it more… Rory or Jackson? You decide.

Let me just say, this first picture melts my heart. She adores her buddy, Jackson, and thinks he is just hilarious. I hope they are best friends for years and years to come.

You trying to get up on my toy?

maybe just a little nibble won’t hurt

ohhhh I love this thing!

this looks a lot like my frisbee just way bigger

Oh, did I not mention that her feet don’t quite reach yet?!

so naturally we tried books to help out

but they were too slippery so we tried a game and it worked much better!

oh how she loved the exersaucer

and she concentrates so hard on the lights that play music

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1 thought on “new toy for… Rory? Jackson?

  1. Those are so wonderful! Will didn’t particularly like his though 🙁 We put a couch pillow under Will so it wasn’t too slippery. Hope you’re surviving without Andy – I couldn’t do it!

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