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We’ve got some stuff to talk about, y’all!

  • First I’d like to introduce you to a new page, segment, category, etc- The Man Life. Hop on over there by clicking the link or if you look directly right you’ll see “pages” and it’s listed there as well. Andy is going to be writing about manly things that I know nothing about. (For example: did you know deer lose their antlers every year and then grow them back?! I didn’t until my friend Jodi– who runs a hunting lodge- explained this to me/made fun of me… like yesterday.) Andy’s going to be talking about all things technology, fishing, hunting, and occasionally some daddy/daughter stuff. Go say hello to him over there- he needs some love on his new page!
  • Secondly, did anyone notice my new box over to the right for facebook? I’ve created a page on facebook so that people can be updated if they wish on there and if they don’t wish, they don’t have to see any of this nonsense! Eventually, hopefully soon, I’m going to be getting rid of my personal account and only doing that page. So you can either click the link I provided or you can go over to the right and click the “like” thing in the box. That way you’ll be updated with all things of The Harris Life!
  • I’m going to be doing a giveaway VERY soon! Be thinking of some suggestions for categories, topics, etc that I could do on the blog. I’m going to ask each person that enters the giveaway to suggest something new or tell me something you want more of on here.

I think thats all for now. Sorry its all business on this post! Did you enjoy yesterday’s six month post by the clever Rory? I still can’t believe she’s six months already!

Tomorrow I am attending a conference for some certification to teach starting in September. Its in Dallas and I’m going to be away from Rory for the first time for more than an hour or so (well my surgery doesn’t count because I was drugged and don’t remember…). I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. Thank goodness I have such an amazing husband that I can trust completely with my little munchkin! I’m positive they will have a wonderful day together! We’re meeting up in Dallas in the afternoon with our Sunday School class for a little fun and I can’t wait!

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