Rory Eve

new hairdo

My sister, Telena, has been telling me to get some little rubber bands and put Rory’s hair up with them. Jacy always had the cutest hair when she was little and she did this all the time with her. So tonight when we were at the store, I got some rubber bands.

The results? Nothing short of hilarious.

The pictures don’t do it justice since her hair is dark and blends with the background too much, but let me tell you this new hairdo totally matches her personality. We laughed the entire time she had her hair up like this.

Andy came home on Wednesday with strep throat and had to stay home Thursday and Friday from work. Its just been one of those rough weeks for us and I’m praying hard that the sickness has left the house and stays away! We’ve been sick more this year than ever and I’m tired of it!!!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Apparently something has happened with the poll. It disappeared for a couple of days and I have no idea how and then it came back but did something weird with my sidebar. Can anyone explain why its doing this?! Anyone? Anyone? I haven’t moved the code since I entered it at the beginning. I am confused. That’s all.

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