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oh the difference a few things will make

As I told you in my previous post, Andy and I bought a new bed for our anniversary present to each other. Well we got it in yesterday and it is GORGEOUS! I’m so happy with it! Here are a few pictures of our new bed.

wait! is that a baby on the bed?!

yep! little stinker loves to sit in the middle of all the pillows!

I also got this mirror for our room for only $22!

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted a picture of Rory’s room so I thought I’d do that today! In our house in Pineville we painted it so cute and absolutely adored her room. Then we had to move and it was so sad. We love her room here too and maybe one day we’ll get around to painting it. I personally think its a beautiful room fit for a little princess!

This was her room before we added curtains.

And here are the new curtains- definitely needed these to add some color and to block out some sun.

here’s a pic of the bow holder I made on the wall

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