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new bed linens & such

Oh, how exciting married life can be! Andy and I have been wanting new bed linens for forever. We’ve looked and debated for over a year. Yes, debated. Andy tends to like all things striped and plaid. And, well, thats not really my taste. So it has taken forever to decide such things! On Friday night we went and found a cheap bed-in-a-bag at WalMart. It was pretty nice but I wasn’t sold on it. When we got it home and got it on the bed, we realized the sheets were so SO scratchy. We have been really spoiled by fantastic sheets that I got a year or so ago on clearance. So, these new sheets were especially scratchy. Anyways- so we slept one night on the new bed-in-a-bag and decided we didn’t like it. Today we went to Target and found some WONDERFUL sheets that are sooooo soft, and a new quilt/coverlet for our bed. Everything looks so good and its been the highlight of the month to get new bed linens! How wonderful the simplicity of married life is at times! 🙂 Here is a picture of the new stuff!


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