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Well I have neglected our blog for quite some time. There have been several times when I wanted to write but there was always something going on. One of my new year goals is to write on the website two times a week. Hopefully I can achieve this and then after things start settling down (aka after baby madness!) I’ll try to do three or four times a week.

I am currently trying to re-vamp our site- New year, new look, and a fresh start! So stay tuned for a fresh new look and more posts!

Okay I guess its time to update on the past couple of weeks (sort versions, I could write a book on our recent adventures!).


  • In the beginning of Dec. we found out that we were moving to OK/TX. Andy is working at the mill in Valliant, OK and we are going to be living in Paris, TX. We fell in love with Paris on our first trip and new this was going to be a wonderful place to live and for Rory to be born.
  • We bought a house! We came back to Paris for a quick house hunting trip and found a wonderful house. We are so excited about it and feel so blessed that we were able to find something so quickly.
  • Andy’s mill closed down Dec 16th and he worked until the Monday before Christmas. After that he had almost a full month off of work and it was FANTASTIC!
  • We went “home” to TN for almost two weeks for Christmas. It was a wonderful visit but we realized it was too long (sorry family that are reading this!). We are so used to just being home and all that back and forth between houses and keeping up with families was hard. By the time we got home I was having major contractions and was dilating already. Scary!
  • Tucker ran away. Guess he found a new home somewhere near my parents’ house. Miss the stinker so bad.


  • Our last drive home from TN to Alexandria. Bittersweet.
  • Preparations in full swing to move! Movers came the 11th and packed us up! Off to Oklahoma for our temporary home for two weeks before we close on our home in Paris.
  • Shock at the false advertising on the website for our temporary home. I won’t go into detail. Just pray that this OCD/uber-hygenic 9 months pregnant woman makes it through… or maybe you should pray more for Andy. Yeah, pray for him. ha!
  • Andy started his new job TODAY! I could tell he was really excited to go (I would be too if I were putting up w/ a crazy hormonal person 24/7, hehe). I’ll let you know how he likes it!

We close on our house the 28th of January, yay! We’re both dying to get in there and get organized. Its hard to be between houses for so long.

I’m now 36 weeks pregnant and having inconsistent contractions all the time. I’m hoping she’ll hold on in there until we close on the house- then she can come anytime. Andy and I are getting so excited to meet our little nugget, Rory!

Okay! Keep checking back for changes. I’m excited to getting back to blogging regularly. Pictures will come soon too.

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  1. You’ve had a busy month or so! I’m glad the move has gone smoothly, so far! I can’t believe that Tucker ran away that is so sad – hopefully he is enjoying West Tennessee 🙂 I can’t wait for Rory to make her debut – it’s SO soon!!!

  2. […] moved, lived in a nasty extended stay hotel that almost sent me to the psych ward, moved into our house, had our sweet Rory girl (the best part), went to the ER 4 times because of severe pain, went to FL with an 8 wk old, had surgery to remove gallbladder, went to ER with Rory because of freak accident, turned 25, married 6 years, air conditioner went out in the heat of summer for a month, took a trip to AR to visit my sister, had a very interesting boat trip, took a trip to Texarkana and on to Chattanooga, Andy turned 26, started working at MDO, Rory turned 9 months and on that day exactly we found out we were having another baby, went to MS/TN for Thanksgiving, went to Orlando, I threw up a whole lot during all of this, went home for Christmas, and had a wonderful week at home to end the year. […]

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