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naptime = playtime

Today marks another new trick in the baby book for Rory- she went from laying on the ground playing to sitting up by herself. She was so proud!

About once a day I will put Rory down for a nap and then 15 or so minutes later I will hear her playing in her crib. We’ve gotten a lot of laughs out of it because she always makes her way down to the stuffed animals at the end of the crib.Well today was no different.

Except… she managed today to once again go from lying down to sitting. And then apparently proceeded to throw all of her stuffed animals out of the crib except her bunny. I sent a picture of it to my dad (who gave her the bunny)- I think it made his day!

This is what I walked in to find…

“What, Mom? I didn’t do anything…”

I took this one of my phone- she was looking out at them when I came in the room.

I love days like this. Its so fun to watch all the new things as they happen! She’s just such a little mess. I feel like we’ve got trouble ahead with her, ha! Its definitely time to lower the crib before she throws herself out of it!

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6 thoughts on “naptime = playtime

  1. Rory is so adorable! Days are so much better with little ones! Calla is with Rory on giggling in the crib when she should be sleeping! So fun 🙂

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