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my little duck

Apparently this is going to be an everyday occurrence from now on.

The little stinker is a mover. She turns herself all the way around (we put her down with her head up by the bunny on the opposite corner) and kicks those covers off. She always wakes up happy in the mornings! And there is absolutely nothing better than waking up to those sweet smiles every morning.

When we brought Rory home from the hospital and had to give her sponge baths she HATED them. Despised. Screamed bloody murder. Now she LOVES bath time!

acting bashful

“What’d you get me out of the bath for?”

my happy little duck

Andy and I bought Rory a swimming pool and I am so excited to set it up. Its the tiniest pool I’ve ever seen. Now the only thing is… how do I keep Jackson out of it?! 🙂

Note: I know you are probably wondering why she has all the paraphernalia on her in the bath pics. Well, there are a couple of reasons. For one, we’re on the internet and people I don’t know personally look at this blog. I am so glad for all the readers and want them to keep coming, but lets face it- we’re living in a world that you just can’t trust everyone. So no naked babies here. Secondly, modesty is something that I am really convicted about (but haven’t always been). I want to teach and instill modesty into Rory and that starts at a young age. Lastly, the pictures are cute and funny!

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