my heart

my heart

I just thought I’d write a little post today about me. About my heart and my desire.

I started this little blog to keep in touch with family while we lived away. Then I had babies and it was so good to be able to keep everyone updated. And then Rory became quite the stinker and it became this way to show her stinkerish ways and to make my family and friends laugh.

And then somewhere along the way it turned into something else. It turned into my passion. It turned into more than just a hobby- I’m not even sure what it is above a hobby, but it is more to me than that. It has been a saving grace to me and pulled me out of some extremely dark days as a mom.

The blog has become a place where I tell my opinions, my stories, my experiences in a humorous and (hopefully) uplifting way. I desire to make people feel like they aren’t alone in the world. I desire (oh how I desire) for moms to read this and feel better about themselves as a mom.

My heart is with moms. Whether that be a woman who so desperately wants children so she is a mom in her heart, a working mom, a stay at home mom, a mom to healthy children or sick children, a mom to children who aren’t stinkers and a mom to children who ARE stinkers, a mom who delights in every moment of the day or a mom who is just so tired and mentally/emotionally exhausted.

I’ve been all those moms. I know what it feels like to stay at home and desperately want to go to work to get a break. Now I know what it is like to drop your kids off as they cry for you but you have to keep walking with tears in your eyes so you won’t be late for work. I’m a mother to SUCH stinkers and a mother to smart, sweet children. I’ve been a mother to sick and healthy babies. I’ve delighted in every moment of the day and I have been completely selfish and ugly as a mother other days.

One thing I have learned in every role I have taken on as a mom is that IT IS HARD NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF MOTHER YOU ARE.

It is just so terribly hard to be a mom. Everywhere you turn people are making you feel like you aren’t good enough. Everywhere you turn you read articles saying you are poisoning your child with the wrong diet, you aren’t preparing them for school enough, they aren’t “ahead of the game”. And because of all this pressure we are under we turn on each other. We create cat fights and make each other feel even worse. I’ve been guilty of it too.

We have to stop the mom war.Β We have to stop! Every single one of us is trying so desperately hard to be a good mom. We need to be encouraging each other and lifting each other up. That will end the mom war. Every single one of us drives a different path as a mom. We all can find camaraderie with each other but no two children and no two moms are the same andΒ that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

We are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made. Each child and especially each mom.

I desire to be an open book, and I think I have shown that over the past several years. I want to always, always be transparent and honest. I want people to be able to find a place here with me that shows no judgement and no hostility. I love to make you laugh and love to hear that I brightened your day with our stories. Oh how that makes my heart swell. It isn’t prideful, it is pure joy. Anytime I can make someone laugh and brighten their day pleases me to no end. I need people like that too and certainly have those people.

I was starting this past week to let some things and people steal my joy and crush my spirit. But I want you to know that I can’t let that happen because I can’t let anything or anyone not let me be who I am.

I hope that you continue to find an honest and transparent place here. I hope you always feel good enough right here in my corner of the world and that I never, ever make you feel guilty.

Some days are oh-so-hard and oh-so-long. Some days are too fast. You are doing a good job. Keep it up and I will too.

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10 thoughts on “my heart

  1. So very well put Tiffany! Your transparency is what I appreciate most about your blog. I have been most all of those moms too, and it is hard. But you are doing an awesome job, and encouraging me to do the same. Let the haters hate! πŸ™‚

  2. Tiffany, I am an old Mom. I love your posts. All children are stinkers, all are good, bad, or indifferent. Not all moms can capture all these things the way you do. As long as God knows your heart, don’t let anyone change you. Do what works for you. I hope I am making sense to you.

  3. I was taught by one of the greatest mom’s.. Kind words, few words and lots of laughter keeps the darkest days brighter. Love you.

  4. Such heart felt words, my children are grown and I so look forward to your children’s adventures. Your posts have made me cry, laugh and see we all have struggles in our lives. You have a gift for writing and encouraging, hope you never loss your passion.

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