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My First Easter!

Mommy once again made me do a crazy “photo shoot”. She, of course, had a dressy outfit and a casual one for me to model in. The first set of pictures are of me in my Easter dress. I didn’t care for it too much- too much itchy tulle for me! I tolerated it long enough to get a couple of good shots for you guys though! 🙂

I’m SO over this dress.

I loved my casual outfit though! It was much more comfy and soft. Too bad Mommy put this on me last because I got so tired and a little grumpy. Just a little though. My outfit says “Baby’s First Easter” and so do my socks… just in case y’all forgot why Mommy was taking pictures AGAIN.

I love my bunny!

Mommy thinks my grumpy face is SO FUNNY. She just laughs and laughs at my cry. She says its a fake cry, guess I can’t fool her! But I fool my Daddy and thats all that matters! 🙂

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