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Here are a few sneak peaks from take #2 of Ryder’s 3 month photo session. It definitely went better than the first time, but was still stressful. I can’t wait to see the rest! I’ll say it again, Jennifer is an amazing friend and the best, most patient photographer EVER. She is a saint, I tell ya!

And I really don’t have anything to add other than that. We are currently trying to get Rory to sleep. Here’s the story: During those months of non-stop ear infections she stopped sleeping through the night. After tubes, she slept for a few weeks really good. Then the baby came and all that came with that rocked her world and she started waking up again. In attempt to just do whatever to get sleep during those times we threw her in the bed with us. Now she isn’t even sleeping well in the bed with us- she constantly wakes up wanting to talk and to say “shh, daddy, shhhh!” because of his snoring. No one is sleeping now (except my little tootie Ryder who is a much better sleeper than Rory already). So now we are “sleep training” and its hell on earth but we are making progress. Last night she never got out of her toddler bed and that is definitely progress even if I tried to cram my big ol’ butt in there with her to help her go back to sleep for 3 hours.


So if you see me, I most definitely have bags under my eyes and have a tired look. You don’t have to tell me that I look like death because I already know.


Zombie Mommie


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