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Monday morning blues & weekend fun.

I’m not the only one who feels the “Monday blues” anymore. As if it weren’t apparent before, now its official: Rory is a Daddy’s girl for sure! This morning Andy went into her room to check on her before he left and she opened her eyes and just squealed with excitement. He picked her up and she laughed and hugged him and was so happy. Well he leaned her towards me so I could take her and she turned around and rejected me and clung to Andy. Then she cried as if someone had slapped her when he left. It broke her heart for her Daddy to leave. I think it broke Andy’s heart too! There is nothing sweeter than the adoration between a dad and daughter.

On Saturday I had a conference in Dallas to go to for the Mother’s Day out job. It was really great and gave me a boost of confidence that I needed! I got a lot of great ideas too, so thats always a plus! Now I have to finish planning for the fall semester. I’m excited to get started with this new adventure.

We met our Sunday School class in Dallas Saturday night at the Stonebriar Mall. We shopped some and then met up at Dave and Buster’s to eat and play games. We had such a wonderful time!

Fun fact about our class: There are six engineers. SIX. And at this table there are seven, and we were missing one. I’m destined to be surrounded by them, I think. ha!

Rory just watched everything and was so good. She fell asleep pretty much the whole time in all that noise. She’s so sweet.

Andy got really addicted to some games though. He swiped his card over and over. Can’t take him anywhere!

We got home and Rory woke up ready to play! So needless to say, it was a rough night- and I had woken up Saturday morning at 5 am. On Sunday my sweet friend, Rachel, from church called and asked if she could babysit Rory for us so we could relax. It was so nice to spend time with Andy alone after a rough night! Thank you so much, Rachel!

Even though we were up all night with the stinker, it was totally worth the fellowship and fun with our friends! I am so thankful for our class!

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