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monday catch-up

Last week started out a little rocky, but we ended up having a great week. Andy had one of his outages so I had to be a single parent, but it was an “easy” outage this time.

We spent a lot of the week and weekend playing outside. Its getting hot, but its not unbearable yet, so I’m trying to be outside with the girls as much as possible before it is! I have discovered that our hot tub is the PERFECT kiddie pool. I turn the heat down to bath water temperature and the kids love it!

Rory was cracking me up the other day because she would only wear her bathing suite like this:

I kept undoing the thong/wedgie and she’d say “NO! MOM! NO! My bathing suit go like this!”, then put it back in place. Ha!

Over the weekend I decided to have a lovely “photo shoot” with my girls at the pond that is in the neighborhood behind our house.

You can guess how well that went. I got about 200 pictures on my camera and only FOUR came out just okay. They just downright REFUSED to look at me the entire time. And I put them on a bench and Ryder kept trying to plunge to her death off of it the entire time so it was just insane.

The things I do for you people. HA!

Yesterday we went to church and I dressed the girls in matching pillow case dresses that my sweet friend from Louisiana, Kayla, made for them. Everyone complimented them and they looked SO CUTE.

Last week and over the weekend I got two videos that are pretty cute. The first one is of Rory and Ryder playing and then Andy gets home. I love it because it shows their reaction perfectly… and yes that is their reaction every day! (This video is 4 minutes long, so its a little longer sorry!- just fyi)

The second is of Ryder getting into trouble. The funny part is that usually she says “no no noooo” back to us while shaking a finger but I didn’t get it on camera. And you get to see Ryder scooting around on her booty!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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3 thoughts on “monday catch-up

  1. Cutest thing!!! Love the pointting of finger!!!! And absolutely had flashbacks with the scooting, precious!!!!!!!!

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