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Monday again?

I feel like this weekend just flew by… how is it Monday again already?

Friday night Andy’s parents came to town. We went out to eat and watched a movie at home. On Saturday we all went golfing in the morning. We went out to lunch and then came back and played some card games and took naps. Er… well Rory and I did! ha! After dinner they kept Rory so Andy and I could go out to a movie. We had such a great time getting to go out by ourselves!

On Sunday after church we went shopping in McKinney with some friends from church. We had so much fun! I can’t even tell all of you how wonderful it has been the past few months making friends with our Sunday School class.

At Babies R Us we got Rory a new car seat. The carrier we have only goes up to 22 lbs so we knew we’d have to get one soon seeing as she’s at least 18 lbs now. My friend, Julie, had a coupon for 20% off so we decided to go ahead and get one. We put Rory in the model one at the store and she squealed in delight- very loudly! (She did the same with her new lion toy that hasn’t left her side since we got home with it.) Its so fun to see her reactions to new things. Anyways. You can see for yourselves what she thought of the new seat.

Big girl seat! I even have my own cup holder!

Every night this weekend we have heard Rory wake up and start talking and kicking her legs around. She used to do that and then eventually cry for us to come get her if she woke up. Well this weekend she would wake up and talk and play for a bit, then put herself back to sleep. My big girl!

Well today I put her in bed asleep and about 15 minutes later I hear her belly laughing. In my head I say “what in the world?!” and went into her room.

You guys are SO funny!
Are you for real, bunny?! Thats an amazing story!
Are you for real, bunny?! Thats an amazing story!

What Mom?! I'm just having fun with my friends!

How she managed to roll over, turn herself all the way around and scoot herself all the way down to the opposite end of the crib, I will never know. But it was so darn cute! She was having a blast. I sat in her room and watched her play for a good 15 minutes. She’s now sound asleep back on the other end of the crib.

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5 thoughts on “Monday again?

  1. How sweet! G will squeal when she is reunited with a stuffed animal that has been MIA for a few days. She is such a stuffed animal nut :). We cannot pass them in the store without her wanting one of each. So glad Rory enjoys hers as well! She is just so darn cute! G’s favorites are dirty because she drags them everywhere she goes.

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