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moms at walmart and snow

Last week was a blur of sickness and appointments and yuck. Just wasn’t the best week we’ve ever had.

We did have a good streak though- a year with no fevers or illnesses. So I definitely feel mighty blessed about that.

Wednesday Ryder had her first dentist appointment. As a heart patient, she had to take antibiotics before and that was BRUTAL. Luckily that was by far the worst part because girlfriend LOVED the dentist. She was such a big girl and didn’t hesitate to let them do whatever they needed to do.

10384359_10101571604339366_8652238932542243569_nThursday night I went to dinner with a group of friends. It was so fun and yet bittersweet because my new friend, Vanessa, is moving. We are all so sad to see her go. (In fact, she was supposed to leave today but we woke up to snow so HA YOU CAN’T LEAVE.) After dinner we all went to Walmart and acted on high levels of silly while we were there.


On Friday night we did end up having a good snow and decided WHY NOT and played for a good fifteen minutes in it before bedtime.

Much to our relief we had some snow/ice left on Saturday morning so we find the best sled we could- a pool tube.

It worked like a charm and the girls had the best time sledding/tubing down some the very small hills at our apartment complex. (We live on the side of a hill/mountain/foothill WHAT DO YOU CALL IT? So we have some epic sledding hills that could happen if we got enough snow!)

I knew Rory would love it but wasn’t quite sure about Ryder. SHE LOVED IT. Until she got too cold. But for a good bit of time she had the time of her life.

The most important news is that Andy entered a chili cook off and WON. I’ve never been so proud in all my life.

Please note Andrew’s love of being on camera in the video.

Hope you enjoy! As promised it is a shorter video! 🙂

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