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mommy no work and selfies

This blog is coming to you today by sheer genius.

Every time Ryder comes downstairs from the playroom I tell her I’m “working” and she says, “oh Momma no work!” and then bangs on the computer.

So I say to her, “Oh my goodness! Rory is calling you! She needs you to come upstairs and help her!”

Which, if I’m honest, is a total lie, but I know y’all are dying for a blog so sometimes I have to make moral sacrifices.

Mom of the year.

Speaking of work!

Momma got herself a job!

Actually, two.

I’ve been working for my in-laws at their marina on Saturdays. And then I got another job as a receptionist at a local family doctor’s office.

And ohhhhh the stories I can already tell.

But obviously won’t because I actually really like the new job and don’t want to get fired.

I will say, though, that answering phones and hearing patient’s symptoms might be the highlight of my life. Injured breasts and weirdly placed spider bites make life more enjoyable.

Not for them, but certainly for me.

We spent the holiday on the river, because really? is there any better way to spend a summer holiday? It was probably the coolest weather on 4th of July I can ever remember. It was so nice to not spend it sweltering.


Andy put on a firework show and I believe my amazing picture-taking skillz definitely did it justice- what do you think?!

1016333_10100727517521116_530502272_nI got more tickled about my inability to take pictures of fireworks than I probably should have but seriously, is that not hilarious? Not one good picture out of probably 100! ha!

On Saturday I got an unexpected day off from the Marina and we decided to go to Florence to do some shopping and took the girls to the splash pad. Rory is a big fan of the ol’ splash pad situation but Ryder… no no no no no. She flees as fast as she can from all things spraying water. But she did enjoy getting splashed once on this occasion. Just once though.

946556_10100729613979796_785433060_n 1005945_10100729620940846_21524130_n

Last night Andy found himself in an unfortunate position.


Ryder, on the other hand, was DELIGHTED.

Andrew made the mistake of falling asleep and Ryder was right there taking full advantage of the situation. She couldn’t wait to pounce on the sleeping daddy.

As you can tell, she is quite the aggravator/jokester. This is very typical behavior for the littlest stinker in our house.

As for the original stinker… well she’s still a stinker.

I just looked over to find her taking pictures. In fact, she took 493 pictures. Here are three of my favorites:

Dear Rory,

No no no no no no no no.

Please, I beg of you with everything in me, do NOT be one of those girls who sticks their tongue out and takes a picture of themselves. Your mother is trying to raise you better than that.

photo copy 7

Nice one. Way to demonstrate my laziness to take down the party decorations more than a week later.

photo copy 6

Another good one Rory! Way to demonstrate our lives in a REAL way. Ryder takes a likin’ to the pitching of fits these days.

photo copy 5

Alright, alright. Thats enough random information that no one cares about for now. The children are starting to ban against me and I can’t properly think of all the funny stories I had for y’all because of all the yelling from Ryder in the background.

Good day.


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