momma knows best

So last week, I believe I may have told you (or maybe not), that I took Rory to the doctor for what I was sure was an ear infection. I see the doctor and he informs me that her ears and everything else is clear but she’s cutting four top teeth so that can mess with her sinuses and cause her to be grumpy. I rolled my eyes and left, mad at myself for bringing her in.

Fast forward to Saturday. Do you recall the Santa pictures? Some of you may have noticed that Rory looked a little under the weather. Well I thought maybe it was a cold so I went on with life Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning, however, I could not ignore how pitiful she was acting and how terrible she looked.

So off to the doctor again! As soon as he comes in the room he says, “oh my goodness”. He knew. He knew I had just been in. He knew he was wrong. He knew that Momma knows best.

She had an ear infection and pink eye. Thats right, people. I knew it. And just for the record- thats the second ear infection AND the second time I’ve taken her in to be sent away only to come back two-three days later for the diagnosis I had known all along. I should get paid for my intuition. ha!

Anyways, yesterday was a pitiful mess of a day. Rory wanted to play so bad but just couldn’t because she was achy. Poor thing was just so frustrated.

Today she woke up much better and ready to go! Its amazing how fast medicine works sometimes!

This is her “I’m so funny” and “I’m coming to get you” face.

and this is her “gotcha” face(s)

which by the way, frightens the poor little pups

because they know this is about to happen

Poor, poor Jackson.

Now I must get back to the mountain of laundry and 1209843 things I have to do before we leave for Tennessee tomorrow!

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5 thoughts on “momma knows best

  1. Silly doctors! They aren’t always right but they don’t want to admit it. You know your child better than anyone else. Glad to hear she’s feeling better. There’s nothing worse than having a sick baby at Christmas.

  2. I think I told you this before but I’ll tell you again just for good measure. God made Mothers long before He made doctors! I am thankful for my doctors but I stand by mothers knowing their children better than anyone else. You’re a good mom, trust in your instincts and maybe look for a new doctor.

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