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milestones that are actually awesome.

Every parent talks about how they enjoy each milestone in their child’s life and everything is rainbows and sunshine with them.

But you know what? Some are SO FUN and some are… ? not bad but not as awesome as people say.

Let us take crawling for example. I remember with Rory I was SO EXCITED she started to crawl….

then she started getting into EVERYTHING and would be a filthy mess from dog hair and carpet dandruff and general nastiness my vacuum apparently wouldn’t pick up.

(Side note: I realize that I might be alone here, but whatever. I’m pretty sure other people feel the same way.)

Walking is much better than crawling, if you ask me.

Then the kids start like REALLY talking…. that is a fun milestone…

Until you are in the car and THEY WON’T EVER SHUT UP WITH ALL OF THE WORDS.

There are days when I hear “momma” so much, I physically hurt. You cringe all over and think, “If I hear my name one more time I’m gonna run away”. Whew. Mercy.

Oh how about the “I do it myself!” milestone?!

Now that one will drive you to drink.

They want to do EVERYTHING by themselves but CAN’T DO ANYTHING by themselves, therefore you are left with a screaming 2 year old with two legs in one pants hole and everyone knows THAT IS THE END OF THE WORLD.

So today I’ve been thinking of some milestones that are actually awesome.

1- Blowing their own noses. Is this not the best ever?! I remember the first time Rory ever blew her nose…. I thought I was going to literally cry I was so happy.

2- Putting shoes on by themselves. THIS IS THE BEST. Man. I love being able to say, “Go get your socks and shoes on!” while I finish getting ready myself.

3- Picking out their clothes and putting them on. When Rory started being able to do this all by herself my life got 1000000 times easier. Now, I don’t always agree with her clothing choices, but I’m completely with the “the heart wants what the heart wants” mantra so 99.9999% of the time she wears whatever she wants because I don’t have the energy to fight it. And honestly, it is a battle I choose not to fight.


4- Wiping. Everyone gets so excited about potty training, but really the first year or so it is EXHAUSTING because you have to go in there with them one million times per day to make sure they have wiped well enough. Rory is now at the stage where she goes most of the time and I don’t even know. I don’t have to force her anymore and she wipes all by herself. AMAZING.

5- Doing their own hair. Rory just started doing her own hair. Occasionally she wants me to put a braid in, but right now she is really into putting her hair into a pony tail by herself and OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT. She is 4 and can do her own pigtails and ponytail. It is amazing.

What are your favorite milestones that aren’t typical?!

We’ve had some crazy sickness going on for over a week now. Ryder had an allergic reaction and then had a little heart episode. Now Rory has an upper respiratory infection. She’s been coughing like crazy and I hate it for her…. I also hate it for me because coughing is one of those things that makes me want to scream. Especially because she fake coughs a lot, ha!

 They’ve been sweet this week though and we have had lots of snuggling in our house!




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