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Its been about six or so days I think since I last posted and with good reason! We have been SICK.

As you know, Rory was dealing with what we thought was a terrible cold/bronchitus.

And we also thought Andy had food poisoning.


Turns out, Andy had the stomach bug. And guess who got it?! ME!

And guess what happens (sometimes) when pregnant women get the stomach bug? They end up in the ER/hospital.

That’s right. I got dehydrated from it, drove myself to the ER in the middle of the night on Thursday and got checked in. Apparently dehydration causes contractions. And at only 23 weeks, that is SCARY.

I also didn’t mention that Friday Andy had to be in Houston for a business trip. Oh how wonderful timing is sometimes!

So my mom rushed down on Friday, picked Rory up from a wonderful friend’s house who kept her very last minute, and took care of both of us for the weekend.

Oh. And Rory was still sick. Not sleeping, not eating, NOT SLEEPING.

So Sunday I took her back to the doctor. She was on the tale end of RSV, had a double ear infection and had some other viral infection. Poor, poor baby.

Good news is that this time, for real, she is getting tubes!

We rode home to TN with my mom since Andy is gone and have been recovering with their help. Rory is getting much needed attention from her grandparents and enjoying every second.

sitting in Grandaddy’s chair watching my morning cartoons

And I am enjoying getting to rest and recover too. I told Andy he’s never taking a business trip again! HA!

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  1. So hope everyone is on the mend now and have to say we did enjoy such a special day with Rory. I did wipe her hands and ours a hundred times to make sure she doesn’t catch anything! 🙂

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