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Memorial Weekend

A couple of weeks ago Andy and I decided Memorial weekend would be a great weekend to try and make it to TN for the first time since Rory was born. He had off Friday and Monday so it wouldn’t be too bad driving the 7 or so hours. I wish SO BADLY we could have had longer so that I could have seen everyone and that they could have met Rory. Its hard to plan around families on holidays too!

On Friday we went to Mamaw and Papaw’s house to see them! We had such a great time visiting with them and Andy’s family!

I love my Mamaw and Papaw! They couldn’t keep their hands off of me and I smiled and smiled at them!

My Great-Mimi was there too! She’s so funny!

I got lots of spoiling from my Grandpa and Grandma too, of course!

My Uncle Austin is so funny! He wears tshirts my size and colors that I like! HA HA! He loves me so much- who would’ve thought?! ha!

Then we went over to Jodi’s house on Friday afternoon for just a minute! I got to meet Barker, Jodi and Michael Carter!

Michael didn’t quite know what to think of me…

He kept taking my picture- ha!

I just wanted to eat my dress! Isn’t Michael cute though? Too bad it will never work out between us because he’s an Ole Miss/Bama person and I am obviously a STATE girl! 🙂

Then I FINALLY got to meet my cousin Landon!

I got to meet Uncle Patrick too but silly Mommy didn’t get a picture!

Oh man, Friday wore me out! Aunt Tasha is the best snuggler!

On Saturday a bunch of my Mimi’s family came to their house to come see me!

Don’t I look cute in my big flower bow that my Grandma made me?! All I want to do is eat my clothes these days!

I got to meet my Aunt Nita and Uncle Frank AND see Aunt Brenda again!

I finally got to meet my cousin Cade too! He’s so sweet to me!

My cousin Elizabeth and Jacy tried to teach me how to play the DS. My Daddy says that I’m a natural.

You think my cousin Jacks likes me?! I think I got my mischievousness from him!

Jacks and Landon are so funny!

Then we took pictures with all of Mimi and Papa’s grandchildren! There are six of us now!

(From left- Landon, Jacks, Jacy holding Rory, Riley and Cade)

I don’t think my cousin Jacy loves me at all- do you????

On Sunday I went to Papa’s church for the first time! I loved getting to meet everyone there!

After church we took some pictures outside. As you can tell I was so tired.

We hung out around Mimi and Papa’s on Sunday! We just were lazy and played. It was so nice! I’m sporting my Memorial Day outfit- “Red White and Blue Cutie!”

On Monday morning we packed up to go back home to Texas! First we stopped by Starbucks and I got to meet Lauren and Josh!

Lar Lar! (Mommy says Lar Lar is going to be mad at Mommy for posting this pic. Mommy says “oh well”. ha!)


Jackson and I like to have long talks in the car.


Remember: Freedom is NOT free! Thank you so much to all of our military and their families. And to all of our fallen soldiers- your sacrifice keeps us free and I will be forever thankful. God bless all of our military and their families!

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