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Memorial Weekend 2011

I want to start off this post by saying thank you to all of those men and women who have and are serving our country. I am so grateful to you and could never express how thankful I am that you fight for me and my family and my country.


We started off the weekend heading to Dallas for an appointment to check on Ryder again. Everything looked wonderful and the cyst was still gone, so we were released from the specialist! Ryder is 5 lbs now, which is a bit scary because I still have five weeks for her to grow. Slow down little missy! I don’t want a 10 lb baby!!!

We tried to get a 4D ultrasound, but just couldn’t. Andy and I got to see half of her face on it, but she is already in the head down and ready to go position so we just couldn’t get a picture of her at all- not even on 2D! Oh well, just a few short weeks and I will see her sweet face!

After the appointment we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo!

Interruption: PEOPLE IT WAS STINKING HOT! Why oh why oh why oh why did I think it’d be a grand idea to go to the zoo in 90 something degree weather while this pregnant?!!!!!! I am crazy.

Anyways, we had a good time, but were all hot so it wasn’t as enjoyable as we had hoped. Rory wasn’t as impressed with the animals as we thought she would be either.

And I left my camera in Paris so I have no pictures. Oh well, what can you do?

On Saturday we went to a couple of stores and then headed home and have spent the rest of the weekend enjoying this wonderful time together.

Today we finally were able to break out Rory’s new pool that her Gigi got her.

And, of course, she had to wear her patriotic bathing suit!

The water was just a bit cool…

but Rory LOVED it!

After she swam for a while we decided to break out a watermelon.

Because, let’s face it, it isn’t Memorial Day without watermelon!

(or at least that’s the Davis way!)

I just can’t help but think of how proud my Granddaddy would be seeing Rory love watermelon and seeing her eat it like this.

Today is one of those days where I miss my Grandmother and Granddaddy so badly.

Happy Memorial Day!

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