matching dresses and videos

Hello! Hi! How are ya?

How many fell for my joke yesterday? Anyone?

Andy did and it was amazing. Seriously amazing.

It was the icing on top of a great weekend.

Friday night we all went to Chili’s and the kids actually behaved which was quite weird. Because hello, you’ve seen my kids, they are quite the stinkers.

On Saturday I took my Thirty-One stuff to a Spring Fling here and sat there with my friend, Cassidy, and we just talked and ate cake pops and had the best time. It was like going on vacation! (Don’t tell Andy that though, he thinks I was working.)

Then we had DATE NIGHT at church which is my favorite night of the month!

It started off SO romantic too. Andy said he needed to run in and get something at Autozone and that it’d take 15 minutes tops. I’m sitting there basking in the silence of my car and I realize he’s been gone forever. He had to dump some old oil so I thought he was in the dumpster area but I couldn’t find him. So 30+ minutes come around and I start making up scenarios of what happened to him in my head. Clearly he had gotten stabbed back there and was left to die. Or maybe even shot and I just happened to not hear it?

Because I’m completely sane and rational.

Does anyone else do this?

Anyways, about 45 minutes into this 15 minute TOPS trip to Autozone we finally leave. We ate at Shogun and then drove around looking at houses and neighborhoods for when we move. Like three years from now. Ha!

Sunday we had a relaxing day at home, minus the heart attack Andy had, and I managed to pass out on the couch and sleep about thirty minutes. Revival started at our church yesterday and its been awesome so far. I’m so excited for the rest of the week!

The girls looked cute in their matching dresses at church yesterday and y’all- they let me take their pictures! Miracles do happen!

I would like to take a moment to thank my assistant, Andy, for helping me by putting a large stuffed animal above my head and pretending like it was attacking me so that the girls would laugh their little heads off. 🙂

Can I get a hallelujah?!

This is how Rory reacts to herself or Ryder tooting.

That’s how I react to hearing toots too.

I taught Rory all she knows about modeling… work it, sister.

Honestly, Rory’s face makes me a) laugh out loud and b) want to kiss her to death.

Ryder is doing her new thing where she sucks in air as long as she can before passing out. Hence the big purple mark in the middle of her forehead that shows she has no oxygen. ha!

Dear Ryder, please breathe. You’re making me worried.

Precious little messes.

I got two videos today of the girls. The second one is longer (4 1/2 minutes) so just warning you!  Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “matching dresses and videos

  1. I love the pictures they are so cute. I am so glad you video taped them. Just so precious. Miss you all so much.

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