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married monday : temporary housing edition

I’m gonna rewind a few years back to when we moved to Texas. I was so extremely pregnant with Rory. Like. So pregnant. 36 weeks to be exact.

We had a house under contract but couldn’t close on it until the end of January, but Andy was to start his job at the new mill the first of January. That meant we had to find temporary housing.

Andy, ever the budgeter, decided to find an extended stay hotel near the mill until time to close on our house. He finds a place online that was “NEWLY RENOVATED! ALL NEW FLOORS! ALL NEW PAINT! BEAUTIFULLY REMODELED!” via the website.


I walked in to see it and the first thing I notice was that the floors AND walls were all tiled with huge floor tiles which was strange.

Then I noticed that the couch (it came “fully furnished”) was sitting ON BRICKS. It was also a very unnatural-to-cloth color. I’m like sure it was pooped or puked on.

Then we went to bedroom. Not too bad. But definitely needed mattress pad covers for me to sleep on the beds. Just in case.

And then. AND THEN…. we went into the bathroom.

The toilets and bath were BLACK. The floors had the weirdest film on them. There were bugs.

It was also in the middle of what I lovingly describe as the “Mexican Ghetto”. There were about twenty Hispanic families living in two apartments next to us and there were things going on that could not have been law abiding.

And right then and there I will like to tell you that Tiffany (who is normally totally laid back and go with the flow) had her first ever legit panic attack.


I laid on the bed and sounds of sobs that have never escaped my body poured out. Andy was looking at me with sheer panic all over his face.

After hearing myself and the strange noises coming from me and seeing his face I then started laughing hysterically between sobs.

So, basically, pure hysteria.

Andy and I still laugh until we cry (or I pee my pants) when we think about the sounds that came from me that day. haha!

Fast forward to when we moved to Savannah. Andy found us a house to rent.

Next to a meth den. (Like I’m 99.9999% it was for sure a meth house. Actually. No. 100%.)

Our neighbors (husband and wife) literally got into a fist fight in the front yard as I was trying to take the girls to school one morning.

The house also smelled like pee no matter what we did.

Obviously, it was a real winner.

So when it came time for us to find something we would be living in until our house in Texas (oh yes, we still have a house in Texas- don’t even get me started on that) I knew I could not trust Andrew alone this time.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Well I had done been SHAMED so I was NOT going to do that again.

Before we embarked on our temporaryish housing trip, Andy made a list of places to check out.

I had a list of two places I wanted to see and they both had “luxury apartment complex” next to the name.

Andy, on the other hand, had a large list of places to check out. He was determined to try and avoid anything with “luxury” next to the name.

In fact, he trudged us through the ghetto for a good half of a day looking for that special place.

And I’m not hating on the ghetto. Clearly we have lived in some not-so-nice places. (We lived in an apartment on the coast once that was nasty and had a total creepster across the street. I couldn’t wait to get out of that place. And it was FOR SURE ghetto housing.)

But I feel we have two kids and Andy has worked hard to climb the ladder so that we don’t have to stay in (literally) government housing anymore.

Each place he took me to got worse and I got more giggly and delirious and we laughed literally half the day away because it was just TOO MUCH. I’m pretty sure we witnessed a drug deal going down while waiting at a stop light in front of one of the complexes he LEGIT thought was family friendly.

And then he took me to this one place with duplexes that looked so quiet and serene and I was ON BOARD, BABY.

I even left a message with the management company.

Thennnnnn I took a closer look at the sign ….


Not sure if you can read that but the bottom says, “An Affordable Senior Community”.


Clearly they need a more pronounced sign. Am I right?!

Bless it. We are just not good when it comes to temporaryish housing.

Finally Andrew took us to the two on my list.

And all I have to say is I heard him out and went with an open mind to all of these apartments/assisted living homes/drug dens and applauded Andy in his efforts.

But this was one battle I knew I’d win and I’m here to tell you I did. If I’m gonna live somewhere for a year, it needs to NOT be scary.

So, “what does this have to do with marriage?”, you ask.


When making huge decisions as housing, make sure you keep an open mind and hear each other out.

Learn to laugh even in the craziest and most stressful situations.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

And always remember that most things are temporary and you can do anything for a period of time.

Like live in a meth den, pee house, or Mexican ghetto.

One day you will be able to laugh with your partner and say things like “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!”




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