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marriage is so funny.

Well, people, the outage is OVER. I couldn’t possibly be more excited. It fell on a week where Rory was out of school and things were chaotic around here. I’ve been through worse outages before though, so I really can’t complain.

One thing I always realize with great appreciation is how much of a team Andy and I are. We tackle bedtime together. We do chores as a team (um hello- trash out the wazoo because he was gone for over a week!). We bathe kids as a team. Need I go on? I’m fortunate enough to have a husband who really does help so much, sometimes it just takes an outage or a work trip for me to realize it again.

The thing is, this stage of life can get so mundane sometimes. Especially since I’m home all day and by the time he gets home I’m ready for a BREAK most days- BUT when he gets home he’s ready to relax and take a break too. Neither one of us thinks it is very fair if the other person takes a break, but we go back and forth and give each other that time.

True, there are times when I’m busy getting everything ready for bed or everyone ready to walk out the door, and Andy is playing on his phone and I just want to punch him a little…

533f631e47d8cd4b1bc74d6e4e347d6eIn fact, there are times when I look at him and I just want to hit him. Or at night when I’m up with the kids and he is snoring so loud no one can sleep and I think for a sort moment, “maybe it won’t hurt him too bad f I put a pillow over his face”.

But equally as much I will look over at him when he’s snuggling the girls or when he has fallen asleep during a show and is quietly snoring beside me and I think, “MAN, how did I get so lucky?”.

Marriage is funny like that. One minute you are on the verge of poisoning their dinner and the next minute you can’t imagine a single second of your life without that person.

Surely I’m not the only one who feels this way? Ha!

Anyways! I’m so glad I get my person back to the regular crazy schedule! Life is so much better and easier when Andy is around, that is for sure.

Now. I would like you leave you with a few random things after all that mush about my husband.

1) Rory has become a pro at riding her bike. Here is a video to show you:

2) I am getting to go on a trip by myself this weekend to Paris! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to see my TX friends!

3) I love ecards so much, so I thought I’d share a few that have made me literally laugh out loud or holler “AMEN” lately. You’re welcome.

451d98a006178c22a3396b19ae399071 d547ae57b221a5512dbf3440cd6377bb 9d156f22e6ad1c95f110b34528488044Dear TLC- I’m ready for my show. 


Happy Wednesday!

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