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Mardi Gras 2009 = not very successful

Andy and I decided very last minute to go to the Sunday afternoon Mardi Gras parade yesterday. It wasn’t what we would call successful. Because we decided around 1:20 that we were going to the 2:00 parade, we got there too late to get a “good” spot. Also, we ended up at the very beginning of the parade. Apparently this means that no one throws any beads because they are afraid of running out by the end of the parade. So, in total we got around 10 necklaces… whoo hoo! I did get some pictures of some people that are actually normal for this part of the world. No one else was taking pictures of these people, just me, which means I am not normal. But, I am quite okay with that fact. Enjoy these interesting pictures! (Some are just pictures of the floats I liked and don’t forget the famous Budweiser Clydesdale’s!)


img_1162       img_1126

img_1144       img_1146

img_1141       img_1177

img_1183       img_1184

img_1170       img_1166

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