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loving on Rory

Basically all I’ve been doing for the past 11 days is recovering and loving on sweet Rory. My mom came down and stayed a week to help me with the baby and then Andy’s parents came this past weekend. I will say that today I’ve been so excited about the quiet empty house and getting Rory all to myself!

I want (for myself and if anyone else is interested, great!) to write out a very non-graphic version of her birth so that I can look back and remember for years to come. I wrote a mini version in her baby book and will do a little longer one here!

On Tuesday, Feb 9, I went to the doctor and she decided to induce me that Thursday. We were excited and nervous and ready-ish. We went on a date that night to a wonderful Italian place here in town and had a great time together. Wednesday morning I woke up with a couple of contractions and said goodbye to Andy early that morning. And then within five minutes, literally, I was hit with terrible shaking/chills and major contractions. I took a bath then got back in bed and thought I’d wait it out and they’d go away but they didn’t. At this point I felt paralyzed because of the chills and I couldn’t control my muscles and they were just shaking. Thats when I decided to call Andy. Well………. I called, and called, and called… you get the picture?!!!! Nothing. So after waiting three to four hours I texted my new friend here Carly and asked her to please try and tell her husband (who was with Andy at work) to tell my husband that he probably needed to answer the phone because I was in labor. (I’m sure I wasn’t that nice but whatever.) Andy finally got the message and booked it home.

We got to the hospital early afternoon and they took my temp and it was up to about 102, which isn’t good for a pregnant person especially. So lots of blood work, tests, etc and none of it was telling us anything about what was wrong with me. It felt like the flu x 100, but I tested negative for that. Around midnight they finally decided I couldn’t deliver a baby until I was well (there was NO WAY I could have done it at that state) and let me eat for the first time in 24+ hrs. They hooked me up to IVs and penicillin and I finally was relieved and could sleep. And I did just that all day Thursday as well.

On Thursday night they gave me the news that I would be more than likely having a baby on Friday but my hemoglobin was extremely low so it was ultimately up to the anesthesiologist. At this point I’m ready to get this over with and get out of the hospital! So Friday morning I met with the anesthesiologist and he, thank the Lord!, decided to let me go ahead with labor as long as I signed off on a blood transfusion if needed.

They started the pitocin drip around 10:00 that morning and broke my water around noon. I really wanted to try to do with out an epidural but after being so sick I knew there was no way my weak body could have done without it. So around 4 to 5, I got my epidural and from there progressed very rapidly and felt oh-so-good. At 7:15 ish, it was time to push and at 8:00 exactly, she was here!

We both had a little fever after delivery, so we ended up having to stay two more days to make sure everything was okay. They were also observing me to make sure I didn’t lose too much blood.

Five days in the hospital was way too many for me! I was so thankful to come home to our wonderful home!

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