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look! no hands!

So yesterday I told all of you about how wonderful the Paris Baby store is… truly wonderful. The main reason I went into this store is because I wanted to see if they had any baby slings. It seems that everytime I decide to cook supper, eat supper, clean, etc, the little stinker decides its time for Mommy to hold her. Well, you all know how hard this can be and having only one hand or no hands means you can’t do anything. So! I found the Sleepy Wrap at Paris Baby. OH. MY. WORD. Its AMAZING.

You see, Rory likes to be held tightly belly to belly when she’s sleepy. And you don’t get more belly to belly than in the Sleepy Wrap! So I put her in it for the first time and she was just looking up at me like, “whoa Mom, this is so relaxing,” then promptly fell asleep.

So I thought I’d demonstrate all sorts of things I can do now that I have two hands again!

Vacuuming! I actually vacuumed the entire house while she soundly slept in the wrap.


(Ignore the actual dinner next to me, please.)

Unloading the dishwasher!


And my personal favorite- Playing Wii!

(Note: She looks like her neck is breaking. I kept trying to fix it to where it wasn’t leaning back like this but she kept moving back in that position and was so comfortable. Her neck is definitely supported. No babies were harmed during this!)

(Note #2: Obviously you can tell in these pictures I hadn’t ACTUALLY gotten around to cleaning yet. So, don’t judge the messiness. We’re currently redoing our kitchen which means the entire house seems to be a mess.)

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