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We had the absolute best weekend and it was so needed! We hung out at the house without leaving hardly at all and got Ryder and Rory’s room unpacked and set back up. We just have a few things left to do and their rooms will be done! I can’t wait! Here is a little preview —

Ryder’s room:

Rory’s room/playroom:

We also took the birth announcement pictures this weekend and ordered them! I can’t wait for everyone to see- they are so cute!

I took a couple of pictures of Ryder today because she looked so cute snuggled in her boppy. When I was taking them I couldn’t help but think about how much she looks like Rory did!

Here’s Rory:

And now Ryder (and thank goodness I got a better camera!):

I didn’t plan the same outfit thing, but it really makes you do a double take I think! I gotta say, we make some cute babies! ha!

I then thought it would be a wonderful idea to take a picture with the girls together….

And Rory realized at this exact moment that when she moved, Ryder would bounce…. so she started “jumpin’, jumpin'” as she says to bounce her sister.

So we had to stop there with the pictures.

And one last thing on The Stinker….

The “bish” is no longer safe. Anywhere.




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4 thoughts on “look alikes

  1. The pictures are just adorable. Rory and Ryder do look alike. Love the rooms! And yes you are right, “bish” is not safe.

  2. Oh my! They do look so much alike! I had to really study the pictures to see the differences. Little sisters can endure a bossy, strong-willed but protective big sister!

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