Everyday Life

Like. For real.

This morning Rory reached the height of her disdain for me so far in her life because I dropped her off at school in a hoodie and a baseball hat.

Rory: Mom can you just open the door and let me go in?

Me: No, why?

Rory: Well. Look at you. Like. For real.

Me: Rory, if you would sleep in your own bed all night and stop waking me up then maybe I would get up earlier and look better. (In my mind I finished this off with a big “HA GOTCHA SUCKA”.)

Rory rolls her eyes and walks inside. She then tells a teacher, “I’m sorry about my mom.”

BLESS HER DANG HEART. Maybe now she will learn her lesson about keeping me up all night.

Yeah right.

The actual deal is that Andy’s truck has been in the shop since this weekend and we have no idea when it will be fixed. So we are a one car family, getting up and ready at the crack of dawn to drop Andy off at work, taking Rory to school, coming home for a few hours to potty train some more, go get Rory, come home for rest time, then back to get Andy.


So excuse me Rory for not looking my best ONE morning.

It is like having a nonstop fashion police episode every day. Featuring myself.

This afternoon we took a walk around our complex to get some fresh air and I had to have a little discussion in front of some other people about obedience.

Rory: We all have to obey you, huh Mom? Even daddy does. He needs to obey you better too.

Me: Well, no, we all need to obey daddy and especially God and God says to ‘obey your parents for this is right’.

Rory: Well. You freak out on daddy sometimes. Like. For real. You FREAK OUT.

You can imagine all the people looking at me like:



What in the heck Rory?! WHAT IN THE HECK?! I birthed you. And now you’re gonna call me out ‘LIKE FOR REAL’ twice in one day?!


For the record, who DOESN’T freak out on their husbands sometimes.

Secondly, SHE MAKES ME SOUND LIKE I DO THIS ALL THE TIME when I can assure you I DO NOT. Especially not in front of them.

Lastly, WHERE DID SHE LEARN THE WORD FREAK?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know my language is not stellar all the time but I can assure you I am very careful around my children.

Like. For real.

Basically I am having anxiety and confidence issues thanks to my 4 year old who like, for real, wants me to dress better and not freak out on her daddy.

I’ve gotta up my game.

Or something.

I don’t even know.

Like. For real.


Can we also discuss Chloe for a minute? Because she is genius with her judgmental look that applies to all situations. Anytime a friend texts me something weird I’m all :


It is fantastic.

Oh shoot, I have to go. Rory is looking at me with her judge-y look so I guess I should take this hoodie off.

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