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like coaching labor

I have things to blog about and yet nothing to blog about, so I will make a list today.

1) Ryder’s getting so big. She’s really loving the table food we’ve been giving her and the only thing she hasn’t liked is tomatoes. She absolutely loves all vegetables though. (See, I’m smart! I know tomatoes are a fruit! Impressed??)

When we put her in the big highchair all she will do is slouch down and get mad about it so I decided to try her in the “big girl chair” as Rory calls it.

She thinks she’s so big now and is so proud of herself.

This is her “hehe look at me, I’m so big” face. Also its her excited face.

I know, she’s strange.

This is another version of her excited face.

2) Ryder’s learned a new trick. When we say “bye bye” she does this:

Just an arm stretched out towards someone. That’s her wave. I think its super cute.

3) Rory’s been a bit of a stinker lately. I know, I know- shocking right?! She has, yet again, decided sleep is her utmost enemy and she doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Who’s child is this? Andy and I both LOVE sleep.

Needless to say, its been a rough week so far. I’ve taken away all sugar except natural sugars in fruits, etc. She no longer gets juice or chocolate in her milk. And she’s not afraid to tell you how unhappy this makes her.

I’m also trying to take away her naps but today she laid out on the living room floor and passed out so what can you do? I’m just not going to let her nap long, I guess.

Of course, when nights are sleepless then days are full of behavior issues. So days are long and nights are longer and I just want to go to a hotel and sleep for 3405 hours straight to catch up from TWO YEARS of no sleep.


I love her though, stinker and all.

How ironic is that picture with her in front of the sign. When I first looked at this picture I was all “yes! exactly! obey your parents you little heifer!”…. now I’m all like “ok ok I know, be patient”. Dang. Don’t you hate pesky reminders to be good???

4) Yesterday I got Rory a new bathing suit at the Walmarts and she wanted to wear it RIGHT THEN but I told her we had to pay for it first. So I turn my back for a second to inspect some eggs before selecting them and turn around to find my child BUTT NAKED on aisle one.

Children are sent to us to keeps us humble.

5) Since Rory loves to be naked I decided to put “big girl panties” on her when we got home. Oh how excited she was! She had ZERO accidents the entire afternoon and evening!

We were outside playing and all of a sudden she started to grunt a little and I KNEW what that grunt meant.

So I started yelling in an encouraging tone “OKAY LETS DO THIS! ITS POO POO POTTY TIME! COME ON! POO POO POTTY!” and well it totally freaked her out.

So she SCREAMS all the way to the pot and then screams the entire time she’s ON the pot. But we’re past the point of no return on the poop situation, if you know what I mean.

So I’m yelling to her “OKAY! READY! 1, 2, 3 PUUUUUUSSSHHHHHHHHH!” over and over.

And then it occurred to me that potty training and toddler poop situations are EXACTLY like coaching labor! A whole lot of waiting, going, yelling, and pushing.

Man, I am deep.

I am pretty sure after all of that I will collect lots of new readers and will surely win a blog award.

Happy Wednesday!


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3 thoughts on “like coaching labor

  1. This blog is totally what I needed today! A laugh!
    My days are totally filled with “Let me see you push… push big! PPPUUUSSSSHHHH!” Then “Did you push it out?” Never thought I would be so INTO going #2! Oh, how life changes you!

  2. hey, I love this post, it totally made me laugh, tell Rory her aunt ashley will let her wear her new bath suit all week long on the cruise in december!!! can’t wait to finally spend real time with the girls and you and andy!

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