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like a fog horn to my soul; a post brought to you at 3:34am

Do you ever wonder, “what the heck was I thinking?!!!” 

Because it is currently 3:34 and my childrens are awake and acting like they have slept 20 straight hours thanks to my stupidity at dinner and allowing the smallest amount of caffeine ever.

And of course, neither of them could have just nicely crawled into our bed and snuggled up preciously while whispering, “I love you mom, you are the most beautiful and delightful woman in all the land.”

OH NO. They have to wake me with such a startle it’s uncertain I’ll ever be able to sleep again.

First Ryder decided to YELL AS LOUD AS SHE COULD right in my face to wake me -“HEY MAMA IS IT MORNING YET?!” 

It was like a fog horn to my soul at 2:20am.

Then after finally getting her back to bed and falling pleasantly back to sleep, Rory decides to do what she does best and scare the life out of me.

This particular time she decides to stand in the hall outside of our bedroom and whisper, “hellooooo anyone awake??????” Of course I thought I was hearing things and tried to brush it off. Then she decides to move to the end of the bed and stare creepily while continuing to whisper until I feel her presence. Which also means until I am scared out of my dang mind.

I’ve come to realize that I’m truly afraid to close my eyes sometimes because of my own children. I mean, at any second they will be staring at me until I wake up over the side of the bed. Or better yet, they will blow in my face until I start throwing punches.

Rory’s sleep walking isn’t helping matters seeing as I find her in random places staring off like the girl on The Ring. 

After the stair incident it took me a solid week to be able to sleep. True story right there.

In other news, yesterday Rory had her first ever day on purple which is the best behavior color you can get on. Her teacher brought her out to the car to tell me and all three of us had a dance party right there in the carpool line. 

To celebrate we took her to eat Mecican food (cheese dip as her meal, of course) and invited some friends to come celebrate with us. Rory declared it the Best Purple Day Ever. 

 We are also taking her to the jump park this weekend sometime because she’s earned enough “points” with good behavior to go!

Speaking of earning, we have started a chore chart of sorts and for every thing they do without complaining they get paid. Rory is extremely motivated by money so she has been a cleaning fool. She has been cleaning her room, the upstairs hallway and bathroom, dusting the entire house, and helping with laundry. Last week she earned $3 and this week she has been cleaning without me even reminding her to do so and doing extra chores. You better believe she isn’t forgetting either because while trying to get her back to sleep tonight she said, “hey y’all better not forget to pay me – you owe me about $12 at this point.” I believe we may have created a monster.

Ryder is hit or miss on this- she has a hard time not going to her room to “clean” but instead getting wrapped up in her own world and playing instead. Then by the time she realizes she has to actually clean she is so tired from playing she ends up having a meltdown and therefore losing her chance at money for that day. Bless.

Last week was fall break and we worked it out so perfectly that I’m going to try and plan it this way every year. My parents came down Sunday through Wednesday and Andys parents came Thursday through Sunday. It was the perfect way for the girls to spend fall break.

The Friday before fall break I was at Rory’s school when she came over to me and told me she tooted but a little poop came out. BLESS. There is nothing worse than sharting at school. I didn’t think anything of it and she acted fine so we went on with our day. That night she ate 4 pieces of pizza, which if you know Rory you know that is hands down the most she’s ever eaten at one meal. Well around 2am we wake up to the news that she had thrown up. She ended up throwing up twice in 24 hours. I’m still uncertain as to whether it was a stomach bug or what because no one else got it and she seemed perfectly fine the entire time. HOWEVER I was still a complete basket case because I knew my parents were coming and I was absolutely devestated thinking they wouldn’t be able to come. Luckily everyone else stayed well and she was perfectly fine. 

We had a great time going to the aquarium and to the Red Clay park. The girls had about 5 million tea parties and we played Head Bandz until we were out of tears from laughing so hard at Ryder and Rory playing the game.  

Andy and I even snuck in a date night while they were here. 

 Then on Thursday Andy’s parents came and the girls were surprised again. 

(The key to grandparent visits is to not tell them they are coming and let the door bell surprise them. There isn’t anything better than seeing them shocked that grandparents are at their door.)

Friday morning I drove to Jackson and spent some time with Telena and her family before going to a surprise birthday party for my friend Katie. 

Friday night was the party and it was so much fun catching up with old friends from high school and getting to know new friends. We rode to Memphis in a party bus which was so fun and had an amazing dinner at the Majestic Grille. 

 Saturday morning I woke up way too early and got on the road so I would be back home in time to get the girls ready for soccer. SEVEN hours later I made it just in time to watch 5 whole minutes of their game. It was the worst travel day EVER and I am so glad I was alone. Ha!

We went to dinner with Andy’s family after the game and strolled around the mall on Saturday. 

Then I went to bed at approximately 8:02. It had been too long of a 24 hours for me to function like a normal human being.

Andy’s parents headed out Sunday morning. I’m so thankful they came to help with the kids Friday so I could go to the party. The girls had a blast with both grandparents and they miss them so much already.

You should know that the entire family took 3 hour naps on Sunday and it delighted me so much I almost cried. There is nothing more glorious than a Sunday afternoon nap. Can I get an amen?!

Well. Now that I’ve bored you with the longest recap ever, I shall go. It is now 4:44 and Andy is snoring so loud he may rewake the girls and I may have to hurt him a little. 

Happy Tuesday! I’m praying I can find time to take a nap today!  


Hahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah right
. Like those stinkers would ever let that happen.

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