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life updates: diy haircuts, boyfriend dilemmas, and new jobs

It has been a while since I did an overall life update here on the ol’ blog. It seems like any time I do it is to announce we are moving, ha! No worries, we are not moving!

I have already let you know that Rory has done a turnaround at school and is doing so well. We are still struggling some with the idea of “best friends” and that is a hard thing to teach and learn. She wants everyone to be her “best” friend and I’m trying to explain that she just needs to be friends with everyone. I can tell already how mean girls can be and there is one little girl in particular who is making her feel very insecure. I HATE this, but hope that she will learn that we should love everyone but choose our friends wisely. Even if that means she has to learn the hard way.

She also decided to cut her hair while at school. Have I told y’all this? The day of her class pictures I straightened her hair- well apparently it was falling in her face while she was trying to do her work so she just cut it off. All the way to the scalp. Here is a picture I took over the weekend. You can see the chunk at the very front.


This is proof that once a stinker, always a stinker. And Rory sure is a stinker!

Ryder is blossoming at school this year. She is such a mess and so dramatic. I have no idea where she gets it from.

Today I volunteered at her school and finally met her “boyfriend” Ethan. You know- the one she came home declaring was her boyfriend and when I told her she couldn’t have a boyfriend because she was too young she packed her bags and declared she was going to live with grandparents. I am so looking forward to teenage years.

Well, we got into the car and I was asking her about school and she said very dramatically, “Momma, I have a problem!!!!!!”

Me: What is it?!

Ryder: Well see I have a school boyfriend, Ethan, and a church boyfriend, Tucker. And I just love them both SO MUCH and want them both to be my boyfriends but YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?! I just saw them BOTH at my school and that means they are gonna know I’m both of thems girlfriend! THEY ARE GONNA BE SO MAD AT ME, MOMMA!


Ryder Harris, age 4. Already playing the boys and doubling up on the boyfriends.

She is my sister’s child. (If you know Telena you will chuckle because you know how true this is.)


Again, teenage years are going to be so much fun.


I’m amazed at how different this season of life is having an elementary kid and a kid in full time (half day) PreK. Andy drives right by both schools and drop off time is just the time he goes to work so he has been taking the girls to school. I get up and get everyone ready and fed and then I get to stay home for 5 hours each morning. Let me tell you, our house has never been so clean. It is so strange to have all that time each day to myself. I can’t imagine next year when they are both in school full time.

Andy is absolutely loving his job. It is hard and he has more responsibility than ever, but he truly loves it. You have no idea what a relief this is to me. When we lived in Savannah it was really hard mostly because Andy’s work life was so hard. He never felt like he belonged and never felt respected there. He always had to watch his back and they pinned employees against each other in that company.

The company he works for now is so different from that mentality and he feels very much so supported and respected. He is so much more fun at home because he isn’t as stressed. His workload is more, but it is peaceful and enjoyable. I’m one happy wife.

Deer season just started too and that has made him a happy camper as well. Rory will be going with him this year quite a bit and they are both so excited about that. Ryder has gone to the lease some to “help” too, but she has already declared herself “over it”.

11921701_10101877259004966_8643139040387716253_n 12011396_10101896412650906_6626735320844521991_n

Speaking of over it…..

We are in full swing of Upward Soccer. Ryder told us at the last game that her favorite part was sitting out. I mean, this is exactly how she looks every time she gets to sit out and take a break. Bless it.


Y’all, life is really good right now. My girls are thriving and loving school. My husband is so happy at his job. I’ve found a new job that fits into my schedule and lifestyle. Things are just really good.

Now if only Ryder could decide between boyfriends everything would be perfect. 😉

Happy Wednesday!

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