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Letting Go of the Perfect Life: Day 10

The church that we are visiting is doing a Bible study called “Drive By Marriage”. I’ve gone two weeks now and last night something was said that just hit me straight in the face.

The guy was talking and said something like, “We need to guard our hearts against what we think is the perfect life.” Let me tell y’all- this statement knocked the breath out of me.

You wouldn’t even believe how guilty I am of this.

My mind is constantly running through a stream of thoughts of “if only’s”.

If only….

… I was thinner, my hair was straighter/curlier, my teeth were straighter, I was prettier.

… we had more money, lived in a bigger house, drove a better car, had better clothes, had better furniture.

… my kids didn’t throw fits, obeyed every time, weren’t so strong-willed all the time, would sleep through the night like other kids I know do, would sleep late, would leave me alone when I tried to go to the bathroom (ha!).

The list of “if only’s” could go on for days. But here’s the deal, by constantly thinking “if only”, I am missing out on all the blessings God has given me.

Not everyone has a husband who works SO HARD to provide for his family. I am so extremely secure in our life because of him and his work ethic. He has always worked hard and I know he will continue to always work hard because that is him to the very core. He is also a great dad. Those girls adore their daddy. And to top all of that off, he comes home and helps me. Sure, he makes me crazy and it isn’t roses and sunshine all the time, but he is a lot more wonderful things than those that make me crazy.

And then there is those precious stinkers, Rory and Ryder. Yes, they are so strong-willed and I will admit that my favorite time of day 99% of the time is when I finally sneak out of Rory’s room and sigh a huge sigh of relief because the day is finally over and I can relax, but they are my little amazing miracles. Besides my salvation, they are the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Their personalities are amazing and they are the smartest, cutest kids ever (not biased or anything…).

As far as my looks go, there are things I’d like to change for myself, but doubting that I’m made perfectly is a slap in the face of my Creator.

So, what I’m trying to say here is why am I holding onto those “if only’s” when I have more than I could ever imagine right in front of my face?!

Just like the expectations I talked about yesterday, I am holding onto the expectation, or the fantasy actually, of the perfect life instead of thoroughly enjoying all the blessings God has given me.

What fantasy are you holding onto? Are you hung up on the “perfect life” instead of enjoying your blessings?

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Just one more thing- here is my little blessings in action. I wanted to get a good video of Ryder walking. Here’s the best I’ve gotten so far!




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