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let’s start this celebration!

We woke up bright and early this morning to take Rory to the eye doctor in Dallas. We had been noticing that her eye seemed to turn in and so we needed to get it checked out. The doctor had told us that she would probably have to have surgery to correct it and so we have been worried about it because we’ve had enough this year with surgeries!

Well, I’m happy to report that no surgery is needed! Finally, a specialist appointment with the kids that didn’t end badly! Apparently she gives the illusion of having a “lazy eye” because her eyes are so big and dark and the bridge of her nose is wide. Its something she will grow into and will need no further testing. PRAISE THE LORD!

After the appointment, we decided to take Rory to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate her birthday as a family a little early.

Rory loved it, though she was a little timid. I got her to ride one moving ride and then she was OVER IT. She’s going through a “scarey” phase right now, so its kinda a bummer. She runs in about 19833 times a day from her playroom or wherever saying “mommy! mommy! that a scarey me!” and who the heck knows whats scarey-ing her. She liked playing the games and watching us play though, so that was fun!

She tried with all her might to climb into the tall kid play thing but just couldn’t get the strength to hoist herself up more than two levels. She did go up and down about two thousand times though!

Her favorite games were anything with balls. She loved skee ball and similar games. But she’d only throw over handed so it didn’t work out so well, ha!

She thought she was big stuff putting the coins in.

And even bigger stuff when she “drove” the car. (oh and yes, that precious pumpkin of mine totally gave a smile without me even asking!)

Ryder had fun too being passed around between us and watching Rory run around.

By the way, Ryder is a total stinker. Everytime I’d put the camera to my face to take a picture while holding her, she’d grab it. So here she is with her stinker face on…

If that ain’t proof of a stinker, I don’t know what is.

Then it was time to collect all the tickets and pick out a prize!

She picked a lizard, vampire teeth (that didn’t fit in her mouth), and a bracelet.

About two seconds into the ride home, both girls passed out and slept the entire 2 hours home.

We had such a wonderful day together. Nine days until my Big Stinker is 2!


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4 thoughts on “let’s start this celebration!

  1. LOL ….about the scarey me thing, the day she stayed over here, she was crazy-scared of Elise’s zhu zhu pets. Soooo….don’t get her any of those for her birthday! 🙂 Glad everything went well!

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