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Let the noise of love be loud at our tables today.

This week has been very loud. I can’t seem to get away from the noise around the world.

The Ferguson tragedies are ringing loud throughout social media and loud in every part of my heart.

Here I am, white as milk, sobbing for this black community wondering what I can do to make a difference to my community and theirs, together.

The poor mother of Michael Brown is not only having to mourn the loss of her precious son but also has the weight of the aftermath on her shoulders. Do you honestly think she is happy with the riots, looting, and the arson? I can guarantee she wants nothing more than to rewind time to take it all away. I can imagine her lying awake in her bed wondering where it all went wrong. What could she do differently to make sure her son stayed out of trouble and ultimately was still alive?

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Regardless of what people are pronouncing so loudly on facebook, I know WHITE families who have been through the same thing. Maybe not being killed by a cop, but the “what went wrong and made them stray” burden they will forever carry.

I have a cousin that grew up just like me who at some point started a life mixed up in drugs and crime. I know his mom asks herself every day what could she have done differently. Or my friend T who has been in and out of rehab and jail.

These two people I love with all my heart and they will struggle every day for the rest of their lives with addiction. It all started with one bad decision. One bad friendship disguised as the only person who understood or loved them- even more than their own families.

All three of these mothers mourn the loss of their sons- either to death or drugs or jail or whatever.

I have asked myself constantly what can I do to make a difference now in the middle of all this noise. What can I do to make sure my girls grow up to love others equally?

We have to teach them through our own actions. We have to set the example. We have to teach them how to respond to racism and bad situations with grace, mercy, dignity and respect.

If these people who are rioting and committing crimes had been taught differently growing up they wouldn’t be doing these terrible things. They wouldn’t be responding in violent ways.

If some of my white friends had been taught differently they wouldn’t be blowing up my facebook feed with blatantly racist remarks. I have been completely heartbroken and appalled as I have seen these people who call themselves Christians say horrible things about “those black people”.

How about those white people? Because we are just as bad. Meth houses, Holly Bobo cases, Charles Manson? Those crazy white people. Those horrible white people committing crimes that are what nightmares are made of.

Sin goes both ways. It doesn’t see race or social status.

More importantly, Jesus Christ goes both ways. He died for every single one of us. He covers every sin committed by every man, no matter what their race is.


Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved. Romans 10:13

His blood is colorblind. His grace is sufficient for every race, every tongue, every tribe.

How can we expect anyone to act the right way if Christians don’t set the example of Christ and also be colorblind as He is?

Nothing will every change if we don’t open our hearts to what Christ wants for us. He commands us to love God and love others.

ALL OTHERS. Every single race.

Because we are all worth it to Him.

So this Thanksgiving racism may be loud in our hearts and minds but God’s love is louder.

He muffles the noise and calls us to be louder in our love for others.

I am most thankful today that my parents raised me in a home that was loving and gave grace freely. I grew up in a home with no racist remarks. I grew up in a home where God’s love showed through my parents to people of every color equally.

I am forever thankful that I was taught empathy towards all colors and situations.

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It is my life’s mission to teach my children the same thing.

Lord, be with me and show me how to teach my children equality. Help me to never lose sight of those things. Help me to be an example of grace and mercy to all races, just as You showed us through the Cross.

Happy Thanksgiving. Let the noise of love be loud at your table today.

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  1. Awesome blog. I am thankful that my parents your grandparents raised me without racism as well. And thankful for three girls that are passing the same teachings to their children. Happy Thanksgiving. Love you.

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