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Learn. #write31days

I’m sitting here mulling over the word learn. This post could go a thousand different ways.

There are so many things I would love to learn: a foreign language, how to sew, how to “balance it all”, how to make my children obey at least 99% of the time, how to enjoy every moment of life, how to have a successful, happy marriage (not that we don’t but there is always room for improvement and growth), how to train a dragon…. I mean there are MILLIONS OF THINGS I would love to learn.

But most of all?

I want to learn to trust myself. To believe in myself. To let go of insecurities that are like cancer to my dreams.

I want to be a writer BUT : I don’t have the time, I can’t find my niche, I don’t think I will get the support I need, people think I am crazy, I am afraid I will step on people’s toes and hurt their feelings, I am afraid no one will care about what I want to say.

These things run rampant through my head at all times.

Can’t I just learn to let all that go? Can’t I learn to just be myself and be a dreamer and WRITE ALREADY.

I’m always learning. Learning to adapt and to change my life and my goals for my current circumstances.

But I need to learn to not be afraid to go for MY dreams and my God giving gifts in life.

I am 10000% on board with Andy’s dreams and goals. I LOVE to serve him in that way. I can’t tell you how happy this has made me.

But part of me is missing something. Something for me. Some of my dreams are leaving a hole in my heart.

This has been my hardest lesson to learn in life, to just quiet my fears and use my God given gifts well.





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1 thought on “Learn. #write31days

  1. I like all your post and think oh would be a great writer!!!! All of us women have insecurities some hide them better. I voice mine so that I can learn! Most importantly though as a mom while we are busy being a superhero to everyone else we can’t forget our dreams and desires for life….right some goals include short and long term goals and cross them off as you accomplish them!!!!!

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