last minute trip

Well its been an interesting weekend around here!

We ended up having to make a last minute trip to TN this weekend. I almost didn’t go because Rory actually slept through the night twice last week and I so didn’t want to mess that up. But, even though it DID mess her up, I’m glad I went. Rory had a wonderful… and I do mean wonderful… time getting totally and completely spoiled by my parents and Andy’s grandparents.

And more importantly, my dad.

Whom she has decided she will call Poppy (PoppY!) instead of Papa. Which makes us all giggle a lot.

But lets start at the beginning of the weekend, shall we?! Yes!

We drove to Little Rock on Thursday after Andy got off work and spent the night there. Rory thought being in that hotel room with that huge king size bed was the greatest thing on earth. She loved every second of it.

Friday we drove the rest of the way and headed straight to Medon to Andy’s granparents’ house. Papaw and Mamaw were so delighted to get to spend some time with Rory and she was a total ham and busy body! Papaw had just gotten a new puppy so she had a great time playing with him and Papaw! Of course she got plenty of love from Mamaw too!

Papaw is the cutest and sweetest old man I know. I always tell Andy that I know he and my grandfather would have been great friends if they had known eachother. They are so much alike and it truly makes my heart full that Rory knows such a great man like my own sweet Granddaddy.

Andy stayed in Medon for most of the weekend while I went to my parents house to hide out and get some “rest”.


Why, oh whyyyyy did I think it would be “just fine” to give Rory sweet tea on Friday night?!

She was up the entire night acting like a crazy fool and woke up at 4:45 ready to GO.

So rest was not exactly in the cards for me.

BUT just as I thought I would kill someone for talking me into coming on this last minute trip, Rory fell into a trance…

actually, my dad fell into a Rory trance. HA!

No really. They were the best buddies you’ve ever seen. She would raise those little hands for him to hold her every 5 minutes. They played outside, snuggled, watched the birds, and had the best time together. It was so great. She, of course, loved having her Mimi right there for back up spoiling too!

They spent a whole lot of time outside. It was so warm and pretty out. And we all know how much little stinker loves playing outside!

Oh and Andy came over Saturday.

He says ‘hello’. He’s so talented being able to jump in front of the camera… I’m so proud.


Now thats the stance of an ex-football player if I’ve ever seen one! Still in his blood, I tell ya!

Now this picture melts me. My two favorite men in the world with my precious little daughter. So blessed that she has such great men in her life.

She loves holding hands.

Until she sees something she wants. And then she’s determined I tell ya!

Sweet smiles for Mimi.

And then I got distracted.

I love my parents’ neighborhood.

Rory got distracted too by an enormous bee.

Can you see it in the pictures? I’m such a wonderful photographer and all, and obviously have the skills to catch it in the picture.

Papa came within her sight.

And automatically the hands went up.

They are talking about the birds.

Then she needed some Mimi lovin’.

Side note: My mom is terrified of her picture being on the blog.

She’ll learn to love it.

Or she’ll just get over it.

Yesterday we went to my parents church and Rory showed out something fierce. I mean she was a total ham.

Then we had a miserable drive home that ended at 11 last night which is much longer than it should take to get home.

But I don’t want to talk about it and become angry.

Today I am busy detoxing Rory from grandparent spoiling. So far its going pretty good… but we shall see!



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2 thoughts on “last minute trip

  1. Detox is the worst part ๐Ÿ™‚ I try to make sure I don’t have to run any errands for a couple of days in order to avoid a complete and utter break down in front of the world!

    She is getting to be such a big girl ๐Ÿ™‚ And I think I need to meet her in person some day.

  2. It is just as hard on grandparents when the children leave. We picked up dominioes this morning in various places of the house and both of us almost started crying. BRING HER BACK!!!

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