Las Vegas 2012

So here’s the scoop on the Las Vegas trip:

It was by far the best vacation we’ve been on since having kids… and is in the running for best vacation period.

We relaxed, ate, spent time together, walked and walked, were adventurous, relaxed, ate, and had the most wonderful time.

Andy and I needed the time together so bad. I didn’t even realize it until we got there and were having so much fun together. I’m so thankful we got the opportunity to reconnect and have some fun.

Unfortunately, I took most of the pictures with my phone. And my phone was stolen mid-way into the Vegas trip. So we lost most of the pictures. But my camera is huge and we didn’t want to carry it everywhere so I took pictures with the phone. Sigh. I did get some though, so I will share what I got!

Our last day we went to Hoover Dam and it was amazing. Andy was, of course, in absolute engineering heaven!

(PS Little known fact about the dear husband… he reads every.single.word. of the exhibits in museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. I usually wonder around and take pictures or take a nap while he does this because it takes for-ev-er.)

Yes, he was so giddy over the dam thing.

HA! Get it? A dam joke! I crack myself up.

My favorite picture of us from the trip.

And I did happen to upload a couple of pictures to Instagram over the trip-

Also, I decided to get a tattoo while in Vegas, much to everyone’s suprise/shock and horror. HA!

Its a heart with a tiny stitch inside of it. Someone asked why I did it and I told them this-

Ryder’s scar is fading more every single day. I am so happy for her that she won’t have that as a negative thing when she is older, but I’m also sad because its MY battle wound too. So I got the tattoo to remind me and everyone who sees it to be thankful and to remember how might our God is in His grace and healing power. Also, for those who ask me about it I can tell them Ryder’s story and how God healed her and provided me with peace and strength during that time. I want her life and story to impact others in the future… it shouldn’t just stop after surgery is done.

I came home from this trip so refreshed and ready to take on the world. We have a lot of things going on right now that aren’t exactly ‘easy’ and it was perfect timing for us to be able to reconnect and face them together. I’m so thankful for Andy and everything he does for our family. He works so hard and comes home and works hard too. I wouldn’t want to do this life without him.

Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Las Vegas 2012

  1. So happy you guys had a great time ! Wonderful pictures of you and Andy. You have the perfect tatoo–one that mean something very special to you!

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