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kids are SO inappropriate.

When you have a set of toddlers you realize real quick that kids are so dang inappropriate.

For some reason I feel like my children are more inappropriate than others, but whatever. I’m going to pretend like it has nothing to do with me and my inappropriateness.

Do y’all remember when Ryder went around saying Shrek except it sounded like sh*t?

(Side note – would you wook at how wittle Wyder is here?!)

Well a few weeks ago I posted this video and you can tell Ryder still has the tendency to say things wrong and somehow they always end up being curse words. Why is that?! I don’t really care because it is so freaking hilarious.

At the end she says she put ICE on her lip but it sounds exactly like a**.

And here is one more…. Ryder got a My Little Pony who knows how long ago at McDonalds. She randomly carries it around.

Well, she’s been calling it a “horny pony”. No seriously. I got a little video of it but it isn’t as clear as it normally is. Bless her. She has no idea she has such a potty mouth.

So this all brings us to Kroger on Saturday night.

We went on a family date to the Pizza Grocery in Corinth this past Saturday. After we ate we went to Kroger to pick up a few things before heading home.

The girls were in the cart and talking about who knows what when Rory all of a sudden starts proclaiming …



Rory: “Look! Look! That huge boner! Do you see it?! There is a huge boner over there!”

Me: “Rory seriously shut your mouth right now! shhhh! Please stop!”

Rory: “MOOOOMMMMMMM! I’m trying to show you that boner! That huge boner! See it?!”

FINALLY I saw the huge BOULDER she was talking about on an ad poster thing. And relief washed over me as I realized she really doesn’t know what a boner is at age four, she just can’t say all the words correctly.

But I mean. If you are going to not know a word correctly can we NOT have it be boner?! Sweet mercy.



All of those words.

Please tell me I’m not alone here. Surely some of you have some even more mortifying stories than this?!

My friend, Erin, sent me this link once and it is hysterical! (Disclaimer, there are some ugly words on it because it is what kids say instead of the actual object’s name.)

Ah, kids. Such inappropriate little heifers.

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