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As we have already established, Rory is quite fancy.

When I worked I had an awesome wardrobe. It was one of my favorite things about working, getting dressed and looking nice every day. I never tired of it. I was much more comfortable that way that I am in a tshirt. Which is astonishing because I spent years in tshirts. Most of my life. Why did I just now discover this?!

Since being home I’ve tried to get dressed, not quite as dressed up as work because I mean… why?, but more than just yoga pants and a t-shirt.

But twice now, I have worn a t-shirt and jeans to take Rory to school.

Also, Ryder is sleeping late and I’m having to wake her up to take Rory to school at 8:15 (!!!!) so on occasion she’s just gone in her pjs.

This morning was one of those mornings where I wore a t-shirt and Ryder was in pjs.

We are about to walk out of the door and the following conversation happens:


Me: Why not???

Rory: Mom. *rolls eyes* You and Ryder are not ready. You have on that shirt and Ryder isn’t dressed at allllll. You CANNOT take me to school like that. 

Me: Rory, I am dressed. Ryder just woke up and we will just drop you off and leave. It isn’t a big deal.

Rory: MOOOOOM. You used to be fancy like me. ‘Member?! ‘Member when you used to take me to school the last day? You always wore DRESSES and pretty shirts and you were FANCY. And Ryder NEVER wore pajamas out of the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: (laughing) Rory, are you saying you are embarrassed that I’m wearing this? 

Rory: I do NOT know what “barrassed” means but I do NOT want my friends and teacher to see you.


I can’t even believe my child is already embarrassed by me.

I mean. The audacity. I’ve worn a tshirt TWICE with SKINNY JEANS and I’m embarrassing?????

And yes. I was a terrible mother and still rolled up in there with my tshirt and Ryder in her pjs because I am knee deep in laundry around here.

Rory was slightly mortified. So much so that she walked into the gym and waved without even looking at me and then ran off. She couldn’t even be bothered to say goodbye.

Ryder told Rory’s teacher, “Whoa-wy not like me wearing pjs to school. Her grumpy with me and mommy”.

Moral of the story: I’m not fancy anymore. BUT at least I taught Rory a new word- ’embarrassed’.

Also. I’m doomed. I’ll never be fancy enough for Rory.


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