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July Ipsy Glam Bag and other makeup obsessions.

Y’all. I have a problem.

I may or may not… or okay yes I most certainly do… have an addiction to makeup.

My whole life I have bought drug-store/Walmart brand make up and never had any complaints.

Then I started dabbling here and there into name brand, therefore more expensive, makeup.

And now I can never go back into my hole of no makeup knowledge. I am in love, y’all. In love with makeup.

ME! Low maintenance Tiffany! And the best part is my makeup still only takes 5 minutes to apply (no for real only 5 minutes) but it looks so much better.

I really liked this month’s Ipsy Glam Bag. I especially loved the actual little bag- it has been my favorite one so far.


1- 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow by BareMinerals : okay, so I am not always a fan of the cream eyeshadow because it tends to smudge and not stay put. BUT I will say that I’m kind of in love with this eyeshadow. It stays on so well and is very lightweight for such good coverage. I’m really impressed with this product. I also love the color- but the package didn’t specify what it was and that has me a bit puzzled. I think it is Divine Wine but could be Barely Nude?

2- Tints & Sass Cheek and Lip Stain in Cherry by Elizabeth Moss : First I would just like to say maybe I am a prude or whatever but I’m not a fan of the name. I know I should get over it but seriously when I say it even in my head I say something different and y’all can figure that out. ANYWAYS. I do so love this product. I lurve the color on my lips. I haven’t tried it on my cheeks, but maybe I will get out of my comfort zone and give it a try. I love that the lip stain is buildable. So I can put just a dab on for some color that looks natural or I can apply it generously for a bright pink color. Also, it smells like cherry and well, who doesn’t love a good smellin’ lip stain?! Lip stain is kinda my thing (I will do a whole blog post on my addiction soon) so I was really excited to try out this brand and it is definitely a good product even though I HATE THE NAME.

3- Vanished Clear Spot Treatment by Clear Clinic Laboratories : I am excited to try this out and see how it does. I have only put it on once on one little blemish but don’t have anything to report yet. But I did like that it didn’t burn at all on contact.

4- Straight Up Color nail Lacquer in Mango Rita by Nailtini : I pretty much jump in complete joy when I see a full size bottle of nail polish in these bags. I mean- COME ON! So, naturally, I was just so excited to try this out. I love the nail polish, but I’m not a huge fan of this particular color. I feel like it isn’t right for my skin tone. But it has a nice little glimmer in it and the girls LOVED it on their fingernails so it is a win for them! I think it applies great, but just not a fan of this color on me.

5 – Dark Tanning Oil by Hang Ten : Well considering it is July and I have a pool I am excited about this. Except that it is July and COOL. Yes. In the south. I wish I had a jacket right now kind of cool. I don’t even know where I live anymore. I’m hoping it warms up fast so we can enjoy our pool a little longer before we move and so I can test out this tanning oil!

So there you have it for the Ipsy Glam Back for July.

But wait! There is more!

I went into Ultra yesterday to get my foundation (Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundaton) and noticed they had a BROW BAR.


Now, y’all know I have man brows FOR DAYS, so when I saw this I was intrigued. So I got my brows done right there in Ulta and THEY LOOK BETTER THAN THEY HAVE IN YEARS. YEARS, I tell you! It didn’t hurt and they left them full and lovely. I am so impressed I can’t even tell you.

Well the Brow Bar is sponsored by Benefit cosmetics so I started browsing around their display….

when I found it…


They’re Real Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics

This is the kind of mascara that will change your life. CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Okay. So I put it on this morning and thought I might fly away because my lashes were so out of this world long. I can’t stop batting them either. Even just to myself. I can just tell they look so much longer and fuller.

My coworker said they looked like fake lashes they are so long, and I was all “THEY’RE REAL”!

GET IT?!!!!!!!!

I also go the They’re Real Push Up Liner and I’m kinda obsessed with it too because I can make a mean cat eye with it. It is liquid without being too liquidy. Does that make sense? It goes on smoothly and easily. I think I’m in love.

So, naturally, I took some selfies and am a total goober but whatever! I had to show you!




In these pictures I have on the lip stain and eyeshadow from the Ipsy bag. My liner and mascara is the They’re Real Mascara and Liner by Benefit.

Blush is my other new obsession (I TOLD YOU I AM ADDICTED NOW TO MAKEUP) Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Blissful. This blush is AMAZE. I mean. It lasts ALL DAY LONG but it isn’t too loud. It is subtle and soft. Oh how I love it.

Now. Let me go back to where I say that I’ve been buying more expensive makeup. I’m not talking about grossly expensive, just about $10-$15 more on a product than I used to pay at drugstores/walmart. These products last so much longer and don’t need to be reapplied throughout the day and OH MY MERCY my skin has changed so much and is clearer than ever. I’ve never had serious acne, but I would have the occasional breakout. Now it is rare to get any and all I did was start using better quality makeup! Who would’ve thought?!

So – question, dear readers – do you like seeing these beauty/makeup reviews? Is this something you would like me to keep up? I am loving giving them to you, but just wondered what y’all thought. Let me know!

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  1. I’m addicted to makeup. Ask Erin. I just got Kat VonD’s foundation and I love it! I sweat like a hog and I needed something that would stay on for years! It’s expensive but I would pay more because it’s great on my skin.

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