Attempts at Craftiness, Rory Eve

I’ve got that crafty feelin’.

So my sweet and crafty friend, Kristen , has been bragging (ha!) about her mad applique skills. She went applique crazy and made Collete about 28939 shirts for her first birthday. Okay, maybe like three. But still. She’s got awesome ideas and I love to steal them!

Today I set out to find the materials I needed (all found at Walmart) for my first ever venture into applique.

Now. If you know me at all or have read this blog enough you’d know that I tend to start crafts and then quit… dramatically. The last sewing project I tried and my bow making try both ended up in me throwing all the materials against a wall and never looking back.

This time, however, it is my pleasure to tell you I succeeded. For the most part.

You will need fabric, paper, a pencil, no sew adhesive and whatever you want to applique onto- I used a shirt.

Here is the no sew adhesive I used:

First, trace out your design. I was making a turkey.

Then you iron your fabric in larger pieces onto the no sew adhesive. I forgot to take a picture, but Kristen did a tutorial and took a picture so click the link above to her blog if you have questions!

After that you are going to trace onto the bad of the adhesive paper your design. Again, forgot to take a picture. (Hint: this is worst tutorial ever.)

After cutting out the fabric, you place it onto shirt to make sure its on there right.

Then you pull paper back off and iron onto the shirt!

I sewed on some buttons (they are too big but whatever I will change them later) and added a beak.

To end the project you put it on your little cutie (sans pants in this case…) and take some silly pictures!

If I can do this project, you definitely can.

Oh and remember how I said I messed up? Here’s a tip: remember that your ironing board has fabric on it.

The end.

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8 thoughts on “I’ve got that crafty feelin’.

  1. Could you please make 2 for my girls and have them ready by Wednesday? I’m a full-time working mother of 2 kids. Please have pity on me! I’ll even pay you! (J/k) See you soon!

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