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its November?!

Time is flying by. It makes me so sad and yet I anticipate every day wondering what new thing Rory will do. She’s just so fun!

And busy. I mean seriously, seriously busy. I chase her all over this house all day long these days. She is a crawling machine and its hilarious how fast she can get to where she wants to go! Her newest thing is to follow us wherever we go. I’m going to have to get it on film soon because its so funny! When she follows us she crawls as fast as possible and we can hear her huffing and puffing the whole way behind us!

Andy and I are completely exhausted by the time we get her in bed. Everyday this week we’ve gotten in bed between 8:30 and 9:30. We are night owls too, so you know we are exhausted! ha! I’ve been sick with “the crud” for about a week now and Andy is having all kinds of allergy/sinus troubles as well. The first year we live somewhere new its always hard to stay well getting adjusted to the new allergies in the air.

Lately Rory has been obsessed with her books. I love it. She pulls them out one by one from her basket and looks at them and its so cute!

She’s obviously telling me all about the story…

I told you she was obsessed!

She started doing this “cheesy” face when I get out the camera/phone to take a pic. I haven’t caught it fully yet but this is a side view. She scrunches up her nose and sticks her little teeth out. So hilarious!

This picture cracks me up because I think she looks JUST LIKE ANDY in it. I mean, just like him! ha!

We’re in a weird in between stage with food. She still likes her baby food but she really is getting bored with it. The doctor doesn’t want me to give her much regular food before 9 months and honestly there’s not much to choose from right now either. She eats carrots, some fruits, and soft sweet potatoes but thats all I’ve wanted to try until I get the okay from the doctor. But she wants to feed herself so bad!

So her favorite food is puffs. I swore it was going to be her first word! haha! Sometimes she’ll just be yelling and grumpy and I will put her in her highchair and give her a snack of puffs and she immediately calms down. The little heifer!

So my question is- puffs have their own food group, right?!

The only other real news here in TX is that I got moved into the 3-5 year old room at work. I’m the lead teacher in there now and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes! I adore my two year olds and am going to miss them so much!

Lastly, but certainly not least, today is Jackson’s birthday! My first “baby” is six years old and he’s gotten a lot of extra loving this week (and has been extra bossy because of it!).

He and Rory have really started to bond this week too. He will just snuggle up to her and he lets her chase him all over the living room. She just cracks up when he jumps over her right before she can grab him!

She also LOVES to share her puffs with him. Now THAT is true love, y’all.

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4 thoughts on “its November?!

  1. She does look more like Andy now. Soooo cute. I love the look on her face when she looks at Jackson. Can’t wait till Txgiving to see ya’ll.

  2. I think it is so sweet when a Daddy has a little girl that looks just like him! Bradie Kate definitely looks like her Daddy! Rory is so cute in the pink, footed pajamas. So cuddly!

  3. I was about to send someone out looking for you. Missed your blogs and pictures of Rory. She does look like Andy. But acts like you. 2 and 1/2 weeks and I get to see her again ( and you & Andy!!!)

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