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its all your fault

I would like to issue a formal apology for my lack of blogging. I have no idea what has gotten into me, besides just being busy or tired. I have started lots of blog posts but just an overall feeling of “blah” washes over me and I delete. Maybe one day I will get my act together.

This past weekend Andy and I took a little anniversary trip to Memphis and we had a great time. It was really nice to have a couple of days to ourselves.

Friday night we ate at Flight Restaurant in Memphis and it was the best experience. All the food (and maybe wine…. ha) are served in “flights” or smaller portions of meals. It was so incredible. Everything we had was amazing. Then we wondered down to Beale Street and immediately felt old and tired. But whatever. HA.

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It was such a great start to the weekend. It was nice to get dressed up and go somewhere special to celebrate our anniversary.

Saturday we went to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and then went to a movie. That night we went to eat at Aldos pizza place in downtown Memphis and then to a Redbirds game. It was so fun! The perfect day together. (Thank you Emily for two awesome suggestions on food while in Memphis!)

Sunday we went to get the girls from my parents. It was so good to see them. I missed them so much the whole weekend. I like time away but I also miss them something serious when we are away from them.


Sunday was also my birthday. Just BTW. ha!

I told the girls all I wanted was just ONE PICTURE with them. I think we got a decent one!

We spent some time with my parents and then came back home. That night we went to church and then to my friend Haley’s house afterward. She had baked cupcakes and had a little sign and balloon for me. It was definitely the perfect ending to a great weekend!


Monday night we went to Andy’s parents’ house for a little birthday get together. We had the best time. I got to hang out with Ashley (sister in law) and it was actually really relaxing. Then the girls worked their magic on the grandparents and asked very pitifully if they could spend the night. So we got an awesome night of sleep! Woohoo!

Have I mentioned those are the times I am so happy to be back in TN?

Today I have been doing laundry non-stop and the girls are having a big ol’ time playing with their toys. Shocking, I know. Rory has been extra dramatic this week and is currently saying her new phrase, “ITS ALL YOUR FAULT RYDER!”. I’ve never said anything like that to her or around her so I have no idea where she got it.

And by the way.

Just when I was thinking things were getting a little easier and Rory has gotten a little bit out of the terrible two’s/three’s …..


Big time.

She’s wearing me out y’all. WEARING ME OUT.

Alright. I must get back to the massive amounts of laundry.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hi! I am not really sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I live in Atlanta, TX just a little ways from Texarkana! I absolutely love Memphis, my family was all born in Forrest City, AR just a little way from there, so we visit regularly. My husband and I just drove through Paris a few weekends ago while traveling to a wedding, and I have lots of friends there who work for At Home Healtcare (I worked at the Texarkana branch for years!) Anyway, I just wanted to saw “Hi!” and I love your blog design, it’s adorable!

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